Recap of Wengies Ten Life Hacks

Wengie starts the video with her usual bubbly, charismatic personality and quirky humor. She is in her fabulous apartment, with good views of every room inside while she gives her advice. Rather than give life hacks with little application in the real world, Wengie gives solid advice that anyone can use.


The first life hack is how to make old jumpers look fresh again. I don’t want to give it away, but hint: it involves a razor! Then she goes on to explain how to easily remove keys from a key ring, without hurting your nails. You will wish you knew this sooner. Then, Wengie goes into a fabulous secret of how to not lose important items while in a rush to get out the door. It’s a very simple idea, but can work wonders.


The next few hacks involve a way to never procrastinate while doing your laundry, a simple idea for keeping trash bins tidy, and a method for keeping important papers crisp and fresh. Through each of these hacks, you will see plenty of Wengie’s cute kitten roaming around and sniffing the camera.


The 8th hack is a genius idea of how to keep the shower temperature consistent, without needing to adjust it every time. It is super simple and will make taking a bath so much easier. Finally, Wengie finishes up the video giving two fabulous life hack involving food. The first one will makes breakfast cereal much more delicious with a simple trick. And the last and final hack will make grocery shopping a blast!