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How Technology Has Helped Securus Technologies Solve and Prevent Crimes- Clients Comments

For quite a long time incarceration of offenders has been used to help them mend their ways. In a typical society where the system works a hundred percent, inmates are supposed to come out of the systems better and reformed, however this does not happen. It is for this reason that Securus Technologies an inmate technology company is doing all it can within its capacity to ensure that the inmate and the outside community are safe and they are accomplishing these through the use of technology.


So far, going by the investments made by this company it is true to say that this company is leading from the front when it comes to the use of technology. Securus Technologies use of technology seeks to provide solutions around the areas of criminal justice investigation, monitoring and instilling public safety among other pertinent issues around the inmate industry. The users of these technologies range from the inmate members, their family members, correctional facilities and government institutions. According to Rick Smith, Securus Technologies CEO the confidence instilled by their systems is evident through the positive comments collected by their clients in the recent past. Below are some of the comments noted by the company through the emails of their users.


One comment according to an anonymous user is that the Securus Technologies systems actually work. The users expressed their confidence that they were able to monitor a call by one facility employee hence making follow ups that ultimately led to the arrest of that employee and the evidence used against them to make an arrest. A second comment noted how for over a decade they have relied on the technologies provided by Securus and how the vendor has been committed to delivering quality services at all times. The above comments and others are proof enough of Securus Technologies commitment through the use of technology to the betterment of the incarceration industry through its technology.


Securus Technologies Proves Their Ethics With A BBB Accreditation

One of the top providers in the field of criminal and civil justice is Securus Technologies. Their hard work and technology has earned them an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


Danny de Hoyos stated they have worked very hard to achieve this rating. This Operations Senor Vice President is pleased with the formal accreditation. In order to be accredited Securus had to meet all of the requirements involved.


1) Have an excellent track record

2) Honest advertising and selling

3) Represent all services and products with honesty

4) Give clear and full disclosure of all guarantees, policies and procedures

5) Stand behind all verbal and written agreements

6) Handle disputes quickly and fairly

7) Protect all data including customers

8) Use integrity in all business dealings


To improve the quality of their customer service Securus began a call center with 220 seats. This center serves around 25 million family members and friends. This allowed Securus to take full control of their customer service. They receive approximately 2.5 million calls each month. Their answering time is 11 seconds and they have a 99 per cent rate of resolution on the very first call. This helped a great deal in their becoming accredited with the Better Business Bureau.


Securus has been officially confirmed and verified by the Better Business Bureau. With a team comprised of more than 1,300 Associates Securus is the largest in the industry. There have been competitors in the past who have made some pretty wild allegations against Securus and what their capabilities are. This accreditation proves Securus is reliable and responsible and the allegations made by their competitors were highly exaggerated. They have proven they can and will do what they say because that is how they run their business. They welcome any scrutiny because they have nothing to hide.

The Truth about Securus Technologies Lawsuit

Securus Technologies is an Information Technology company with its HQ’s in Atlanta, Georgia. Mid this year, on 7th June 2016 to be precise, GTL released a press release which is a bit misleading about Securus Technologies.


GTL had previously claimed that the 816 patent “PTAB” was validated and the court had given them, GTL, the go-ahead to seek injunctions and damages against Securus Technologies. The truth of the matter, however, is that the previous was unable to find the any of the relief they claim since the case had overstayed in the Texas federal court.


A closer look at the services offered by the Securus Technologies, I can ascertain that the company doesn’t practice the claimed fundamental security feature as disclosed by the single independent claim by the GTL. I am, therefore, not stormed by the fact that the PTAB did not determine whether the claims were patentable but merely concluded they wouldn’t review the claims.


Looking at earlier proceedings, the unlikelihood of the jury listening to evidence from either side this year or in a few months time as claimed by GTL is high. The jury, however, is expected to determine for itself whether Securus uses the methods declared by GTL. From what I know from Securus profile, I’m confident they don’t use the methods.


A closer look at GTL’s allegations, I couldn’t avoid noting that they were hoping they would be granted the permission t use their patented technologies on its video visitation platforms. The use of the “if granted” is clear evidence that even GTL is aware that there will be no facilities where any violation is occurring.


Unlike the claim by GTL about how Securus settles with industry competitors who use their patented technology without authority, Securus uses solves such disputes with intelligence and mutual financial arrangement and agreements with such companies.


You can visit Securus Technologies to learn more about their services.


Securus Technologies Improves the Video Visitation Experience

The civil and criminal justice industry has been undergoing various transformations that are designed to improve public safety, reduce recidivism, and connect relatives to their family members who are serving jail terms.


Some of the communication systems that are regularly used for inmate communication include telephone services, video visitation, email and various applications. However, most of the communication platforms do not meet the modern standards.


Securus Technologies, a company that was founded in 1986, has stepped in to fill the gap by improving the existing technology to fit modern technology. In 2016, Securus Technologies laid aside an estimated budget of more than $600 million that could be used to support its technical enhancements.


In its first endeavors, Securus has improved video visitation making it an interactive platform whereby inmates are connected to various live events happening back at home. Inmates can follow events like wedding parties, commemorations, and music concerts and give opinions and encouragements.


The upgrades have reduced the distance between an inmate and their families thereby enabling them to participate in family affairs though from prison. Family members can schedule the video visitation from the comfort of their home.


 Inmate communication plays a vital role in an inmate’s rehabilitation. It reduces recidivism and transforms prisoners into persons who are ready to fit into the law abiding society once they complete their sentences. Securus Technology has designed various applications to help inmates pursue educational milestones and acquire life skills that are necessary for life after incarceration.


Since its inception, Securus Technologies has created more than 800 applications. The applications are used to facilitate a broad range of activities within a correctional facility. Some of the services provided using the applications include information management, incident management, investigation, monitoring services, and inmate welfare activities.


Due to their high standards of services, close to 3,450 civil and criminal justice agencies based in US and Canada have contracted the company to provide its services. With such a wide network of correctional facilities, the company is said to be serving more than 1,200,000 inmates by helping them to contact their relatives.


Securus Technologies works with a team of over 1000 employees who are specially positioned to design any application that is required in a modern jail facility. Furthermore, Securus has acquired multiple companies that provide different technological solutions.


Securus has been honored by civil and criminal justice agencies due to their excellent performance as providers of technical innovations and development in the inmates’ communication industry.

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