Venezuela’s Path Through the Drought: Energy Saving

Venezuela is a country that runs primarily on hydroelectric power, as of the last recorded date of 2008, it fulfills approximately 73% of the country’s electrical needs. Unfortunately, the budding nation finds itself needing to institute a variety of policies to handle the worst drought since 1969, which is currently going on the third year, severely damaging their production capabilities.
President Nicolás Maduro recently announced a new plan would be put in place over the next two months in order to preserve and ration the diminishing electrical supply, and try to get the country through the tough times it faces ahead. The primary points of this plan is the institution of the three day weekends and requests to local business and corporations to cut their power consumption upwards of 20%. Additionally, he is asking for larger business such as shopping malls and hotels to generate their own electricity for nine hours of the day. This goes along with the already present issue of raw materials which has been forcing the Venezuelan heavy industry to function at a 50% to 60% capacity as it stands.

While this will certainly be quite the difficult time says Danilo Diaz,  “positive efforts are being made and changes are being implemented from the government to help all of the people through this drought” according to an information posted on his facebook page. Ideally, Venezuela should hope to see itself up on the list of eco-friendly economies in the coming years.