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End Citizens United – Pushing the Reform of Campaign Finance System

End Citizen United was formed on March 1st, 2015. It is typically a political action committee that is financed by grass root donors. The primary objective of the committee is to counter the adverse effects of Citizens United and reform the financial system of the country’s political campaigns.



End Citizen United is driven by the desire to show the elected officials and candidates, voters, and the press, that the grassroots are strongly fighting back against the growing brazenness of the billionaires whose sole interest is to manipulate the elections. Therefore, the efforts of the committee will become an important part of the wider coalition that is working towards ensuring a reform of the campaign finance system. Another goal is to push the lawmakers into taking the right action to put the situation under control.



The whole problem began when the Supreme Court made a decision in 2010 that brought about a huge transformation in the landscape of the country’s elections. The case in the Supreme Court was between Citizens United and F.E.C. By establishing the legal basis for the mental impression that corporations are people, the Supreme Court paved the way for the billionaires and other people with vested interests to spend unlimited and untraceable amounts of money on the America’s elections, and in turn leading to a lack of transparency. The End Citizens United know that these billionaires, such as the likes of Koch Brothers, and organizations are trying to manipulate the political power in their favor, but the worst part is, there is more than meets the eyes.


The mission of the political action committee is to get rid of big money politics, and also break down the rigged political system. One way that the committee aims to accomplish this is by electing champions of campaign finance reform as well as passing state ballot measures. The responsibility of the elected advocates will be to overturn Citizens United, bring an end to unlimited money in politics, and eliminate dark money.



Some of the already pre-determined methods or ways of realizing this mission include:

Choosing pro-reform candidates

Bringing to the attention of people the issue of money in politics, and do everything possible to make it a national priority

Utilize the membership of the grassroots to demonstrate political power on the problem involving money in politics



According to a post appearing on MSNBC, the End Citizens United came out as a strong force in the 2016 campaigns. Aaliyah Frumin reported that the political action committee showed its willingness to spend tens of millions of dollars to the Democratic candidates who were participating in the competitive house and senate positions across the country.



Within a few days after its launch, the political action committee had managed to raise over $2 million from small donors. According to Richard Carbo, the communications director, End Citizens United objective was to raise between $25 and $30 million which would be enough to run its activities for the whole cycle.


George Soros on America’s Image Under President Trump

George Soros is a wealthy political supporter. He usually champion democratic causes and he is known to support many liberal grassroots organizations. George Soros is a leading donator in the world of politics. He has made a name for himself in the world of politics by giving a lot of money in support of many left- wing agendas.

Soros has been involved within politics most of his life. However, over the past 20 years he has really been getting involved with the political scene on Forbes. Especially, since Donald Trump has come to power. Soros is not a fan of Trump and never wanted to see this man become president of the U.S. This did take place and it has Soros feeling uneasy.

One thing that Soros does not like about President Trump is his stance on democracy and how America is going to be viewed by the world. Soros believes that Donald Trump is going to make America look foolish before its allies and that this nation will no longer be the beacon of democracy under Trumps term in office.

Soros already says that this is taking place. In January of 2017, Trump temporarily closed America’s immigration system to specific high risk terrorist countries within the Middle East and the rest of Asia. A very dangerous thing has happened, states Soros on

He believes that Trump’s actions with the immigration ban is only the beginning of things to come. If the current president can close off immigration to one group of people – what’s to stop him from doing it to the next? Soros just does not want America to become run by a dictator.

Soros also believes that America’s reputation is being ruined because Trump is trying to close off American society. Currently, America is an open society that enjoys many freedoms. Soros believes that many of these great freedoms will be violated or put the side for security; now that Trump is president.

While freedom and security is a thin line to walk; Soros knows that eliminating certain liberties within American society will only weaken the nation as a whole. Many people outside of the U.S. do not have a good view of this nation and Trump is not helping to change this one bit, Soros warns.

Soros also wants the American public to know that America’s reputation is going to decline because there will be a lot of issues happening domestically. Many people will not be that concerned with what is going on outside of America’s borders. He believes that when this happens, America’s role as the leader of the free world will diminish.

Soros wants people to know that he does not believe that America will be overrun or destroyed. It is just a matter of losing more privileges and rights that people enjoy today.

Soros wants all people who live here and those who settle here to enjoy the liberties on BusinessInsider, rights and freedoms that this country has to offer them. This is why he wants America’s image and reputation to stay strong in the world.