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FreedomPop Latches on to WhatsApp.

For the better part of the last five years we have seen FreedomPop rise from a relatively unknown company in Los Angeles to one of the global leaders in MVNO offerings. FreedomPop has turned the mobile cell plan world on its head with its revolutionary concept: offer your customers essential free services like talk, text, and mobile data and then bank on making it back via optional add on services. With such a risky, but successful, premise it only makes sense that the MVNO is reaching out even further to grab onto another popular aspect: WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and it is one of the largest programs on the internet with billions of users all communicating via the software. WhatsApp has long been looking for a partner in the mobile phone world in order to get in on the ever popular messaging industry that is coming from our very own pockets. Withotu even saying another word it is pretty obvious that FreedomPop and WhatsApp is a great fit, right, and according to VentureBeat this is the truth. Instead of approaching WhatsApp for a partnership we have seen FreedomPop decided to take on the messaging service of their own volition. There is no real partnership with facebook or WhatsApp.

FreedomPop has steadily been expanding their MVNO empire all across the world with launches in Asia and Europe over the past year or so. Now we are seeing CEO Stephen Stokols become more aggressive with how he plans to expand his company saying, “FreedomPop is the first carrier to embrace WhatsApp organically.” Stokols goes on to say that the company is focused on “disrupting local markets” with their fundamentally free service, thus gaining traction and popularity in new areas. Spain appears to be next up on the list of markets for FreedomPop to approach.

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The Newest Global Hotspot from FreedomPop

FreedomPop is one of the newest wireless internet and mobile phone service provider and is based in Los Angeles. They provide wireless data and voice and text services through the Sprint and Clearwire network. Founded by CEO Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar, the company is always trying to find new and innovative ways to appeal to their customer base and attract new ones.

Their most recent innovation is the launching of a global hotspot and SIM that will help give its users a large single seamless data connection. Available initially in the U.S. and U.K. the hotspot offers free date to those who purchase the device. The service will work in up to 25 countries including America, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and even some Eastern European countries as well. The company has plans to expand the coverage to Latin American companies by the end of this year and will dive into Asia later on as well.

At present, the global hotspot is available for a special beginning price of $49.99. The company will definitely reward early birds; the price is slated to go up to $99.99 later on. The Global SIM will be needed for the activation to take effect and is priced at only $10.

The data offering with the new system will begin with 200MB in any of the supported areas, but of course that isn’t a lot of data. They say that you get what you pay for, and that principle is definitely true in the data world as well. FreedomPop is banking on the fact that you will probably need more data, so they are offering a plan where you can obtain 500MB for $10.

FreedomPop has also done well in the financial department, raising $50 million in order to expand to markets in countries in Europe, South America, and Asia. The company has raised $109 million in total.

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