Getting to Know EOS

When you think about winter and the colder months ahead, you’re likely thinking about the inevitable- cold and flu season. When you’re talking cold and flu season, you have to consider the huge possibilities of having chapped and dry, cracked lips. But instead of going to the classic Blistex or Chapstick medicated lip balm, it’s time to try something new. Evolution of Smooth, or EOS lip balm is a natural brand that has taken America by storm, thanks to it’s unique take on lip balm in every way possible.

So what makes Evolution of Smooth so unique? Well, to start, it comes in a little sphere, instead of the typical tube. They also come in assorted flavors and colors, unlike a regular, medicated lip balm. They are a natural product, that is also hypoallergenic and gluten free, which makes it a good product for nearly anyone. They certainly stand out in a crowd so you won’t miss them while shopping. You can get them at many stores throughout America, like Target, CVS or Walmart ( You can also get them from online retailers such as eBay and Ulta ( Evolution of Smooth is also dermatologist tested and is packed with vitamins that are needed to get your lips feeling soft and healthy.

It’s time for a change of pace- give up that medicated lip balm and take a more natural approach filled with vitamins, like EOS has to offer. You will love the selection of flavored spheres, that come at a modest price of about three dollars a piece. Make the switch today, and start preparing for the brutal winter ahead.