Doe Deere’s Creative Spirit

Is it possible to really make your dreams happen? Though there will always be some naysayers out there in the world, the fact is that those with vision and a keen entrepreneurial spirit will always find a way to make their dreams come true.

One of the more exciting stories of how an up and coming creative spirit created a company from scratch (only to see if become a successful and influential brand) is the story of Doe Deere.

Doe Deere emigrated to the US from Russia and spent her formative years in New York. She started out as a musician and met her husband in music circles there. She was always highly creative and also highly motivated as a business woman. She started Lime Crime Cosmetics after initially having an online fashion company. She used the techniques she’d learned selling fashion on eBay to launch Lime Crime.

The Bold Idea of Lime Crime

One of the breakthrough features of Lime Crime Cosmetics, which started out on a website, is the incredibly vivid colors the brand offers for lipsticks and makeup. Deere created the look of Lime Crime as a response to the very beige and natural trends that were happening with the larger makeup brands back in 2008. The colors available in Lime Crime’s lip colors are as bold as can be. The Unicorn Lipsticks from Lime Crime come in almost every color imaginable, from bright yellow to green, blue, black, purple and more. The colors are very strong but also as beautiful can be, which is why this brand is catching on in a big way.

True Innovation

One of the other notable qualities of Doe Deere is her sense of innovation. This is obvious in her use of electric colors, but it’s also in the way she has tested and created new products in the lab. She worked with a dedicated chemist to create her Velvetines Lip Color line, which is the first “liquid to matte” lipstick on the market. This lip color is vegan and it stays on without crumbling. The colors in the line are very attention-getting, and they wear beautifully.

Deere’s sense of innovation is also obvious in the way she has used the Internet to market Lime Crime. Right now Lime Crime has over 2 million followers on Instagram, and it’s all due to Deere’s idea of making the site very interactive, with followers sharing their own photos of their faces in Lime Crime colors.

Yes, creative dreams really can come true. Just ask Doe Deere.

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