Showing More Dedication to Medical Professionals

Brian Torchin, President and CEO of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, is also a professional Chiropractor out of Philadelphia, PA. Brian’s interest in finding qualified medical professionals began during his many years of running his own medical office. He believes that all medical professionals, whether they are starting out, or starting over, should have access to the best resources available. He also knows the importance of having medical offices always fully, and properly, staffed.


Brian understands that students who want to work in the field of medicine face a lot of obstacles upon graduation. By working with a recruitment counselor at HCRC, these new professionals have the opportunity to learn about what jobs are available, and how to go about getting them. It is Brian’s belief that new graduates be given every resource possible so they can jump start their career.


One thing that Brian has learned in all of his years in the medical profession is that it takes time for doctors and nurses to find their “specialty”. Many medical professionals spend years going from job to job searching for what suits them best. Often times this leads to professional burn-out. Brian Torchin feels that, with the right counseling services, much of this stress can be averted.


Medical offices and hospitals cannot risk being understaffed. Brian has made it his mission to to help these offices find the right candidate to fill the openings immediately. HCRC maintains a relationship with a number of professionals who can fill needed roles right away. Brain knows how crucial it is that offices operate with a full and talented staff at all times.

After years of working in the medical field, and dealing with all of the staffing obstacles that go with it, Brian Torchin set out to improve it. As CEO of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, he is dedicated to helping medical professionals every step of the way.