Bustle Beauty Writer Goes No-Lather for 7-Day WEN Challenge

Most of us never read the ingredients on the back of our shampoo and conditioner bottles, but if we did, we might just freak out. Sulfates are the harsh detergents that give shampoos their big lather, and while that might feel good, sulfates weaken and damage the hair shaft.
That’s why Chaz Dean has changed the way we look at hair care and revolutionized the no-lather concept for the entire world. His unique cleansing conditioners are made of effective, natural botanical ingredients, and best of all, his Wen system is sulfate-free.

Chaz Dean is a popular west coast stylist who knew there was a better way to deliver natural strength and shine to every hair type, so he developed the WEN system.  He sells his products on Ebay. You can use a lot of WEN product to cleanse your hair, because his method is so different from regular shampoos.

Bustle.com beauty writer and YouTube blogger Emily McClure was intrigued by WEN, hoping it could boost her fine, frizzy locks, so she embarked on a personal 7-day WEN hair challenge.

Emily decided to post hair selfies to chart her progress and wash her hair with WEN each morning. The error Emily made was in the amount of product for her medium length hair, skimping on the WEN. Emily freaked out when instructions advised using 16-24 pumps of product and decided on 10 pumps, the minimum for short hair.

Still, Emily noticed lots of volume in the shower, and when she blow-dried and styled her locks, her selfies showed shiny, healthy, great-looking tresses.

Everything was going well, until Emily disturbed the daily WEN washes. Her hair fell flat and greasy if she skipped a wash one day or switched the time to evening washes.

Emily says that if you follow a daily WEN routine, then your results will be fab.

Results are posted on http://www.wen.com/before-after.html.