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Beneful Understands the Importance of Protein

No matter the age, size, breed or genetics of the dog, there is simply no denying that protein is a critical part of a healthy dog food diet. Beneful is one of the leading pet food companies in the industry that truly understands this and has done an excellent job of incorporating it into its dog food varieties. One of the ways that Beneful sets itself apart from other pet food producers is that its recipes are specifically formulated to address the unique nutrition needs of particular dogs. Beneful understands that different dogs of varying sizes, ages and breeds required different amounts and types of protein sources. For this reason, Beneful has expanded to offerings on WalMart stores to eight different types of dry food varieties with different sources of protein and relative protein content. Beneful is also available online on

If you have a puppy, then the Beneful Dry Food Healthy Puppy option is right for you. This formula is made with real chicken to offer growing puppies the right amount of lean protein to keep them active and growing. Also, Beneful makes a Dry Food Healthy Weight formula that uses real chicken to make sure that your dog is not consuming too many calories while getting all of its required nutrients and vitamins to stay active and strong throughout their adult life. The Beneful Dry Food Playful Life option incorporates real beef and eggs as its primary sources of protein. This is a great option for active dogs who expend a lot of energy during the day and need a dog food that replenishes and rejuvenates them to stay healthy. Beneful also make treats ( ) and snacks for dogs.

While it is important that your dog receives enough protein in its daily meals, it is equally important to be aware of the source of the protein. Not all dog food recipes are created equal, and this mainly has to do with how they source their protein. You can always depend on Beneful to provide nutritious and lean sources of protein, including real beef, eggs, chicken and salmon. What you will not find in Beneful recipes is high amounts of filler or processed ingredients without real nutritional value.

The Dogs Day With Premier Dog Food

Beneful is a taste that dogs love and really do enjoy. It is marketed not only for taste but for the health benefits to your animals. Nestle Purina Petcare makes this product. It comes in wet, dry and also dog treats. In 2011 it became the fourth popular brand, making more than $1.5 billion. It is said to be one of Nestle’s biggest seller since it was introduced in 2001.

The company says that Beneful means full of goodness. In 2001 Nestle spent thirty four million dollars to introduce the product. It was one of the most costly advertisement to date. This gamble paid off handsomely because by 2006 they made three hundred million. The company also spent another thirty six million to upgrade the St. Joseph, Missouri factory, this move has allowed then to make more wet food.

The Nestle Purina Beneful is one of the companies that is competing for a spot in the twenty four billion dollar pet food industry. Here you would find them blending lamb and salmon, making organic products just to keep you and your best friend interested. Companies like Freshpet and Buffalo Co, seems to be way ahead of the game. Freshpet makes food that you will have to keep in the refrigerator.This move says “treat your pet like a human”.

Some companies are also making pet food that help them lose weight. Also, Nestle’s Purina company made a website where one can go and conjure up blends that think their pets would love. Over at Nutro Farms they are saying that picking fruits at just the right time, then freeze drying them helps to seal in freshness. As companies come up with ways to tantalize your dogs palette, they conflicts will continue to rage on the pet food home front, that is.

Some companies are buying out others, forming a stronger bond. Purina acquired Merrick Pet care. A company which makes organic dry and wet dog food. Beneful also makes a product for older dogs marketed as Brights Minds,it aids in digestion. With all the different products that the companies have to offer, you can be certain that there will be something that your best friend will definitely find enjoyable.