Dr. Jennifer Walden: Her Reputation Speaks For Itself

When it comes to being a beauty surgeon, they don’t make them any better than Dr. Jennifer Walden of Austin Texas. She has earned her reputation as one of the top 24 beauty surgeons in the entire United States, according to Harper’s Bazaar magazine. This is something that means a great deal to her. She is from Austin, Texas and as fate would have it, she is back in Austin, Texas. It is funny how life works out that way. One never knows where they might end up or how they are going to get there. She is back now with her own practice in Texas and enjoying time with her children, which are incredibly important to her.


Dr. Jennifer Walden is the kind of woman that when she sets her mind on doing something, she is going to do it to the fullest. When she moved to New York to learn from some of the best surgeons, she knew she would miss home and it was a big move. Though, she knew that if she wanted to get ahead and have a successful career, she needed to do what was necessary. She knew it would pay off in the long run. Sometimes people need to make sacrifices in the short term that will pay off in the long term.


People from Austin are incredibly proud of her and all of the work that she has accomplished and how popular she has become. Although, anyone that has spent any sort of time with her is not surprised by it. They know what kind of woman she is and how good she is to people. Success, fame, whatever you want to call it, it has not changed her, whatsoever. She has stayed the stay and remained humble. She still treats her patients the same and still does the job the same way.


Walden has only gotten better with time and experience and she is grateful and thankful for all of the mentors that have showed her the ropes. Now, she is back home where she belongs and enjoying all that it has to offer.