Marc Sparks’ Book Gives Business Advice

In the book They Can’t Eat You. Marc Sparks well tell you how a high school graduate with a C plus average was able to be a serial entrepreneur who started, ran, and sold several successful companies.

Sparks path to success did not follow the typical high school to college to start in the mail room and work your way up formula. When Sparks lost everything he was able to re-tool and fight his way back to the top – Mark Sparks – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In They Can’t Eat You Sparks (this book is available at GoodReads and Amazon) tells his story, and also offers “Fifty Sparks” advice that you can use to find your own path to success. In his unorthodox approach, Sparks lays out a path on which you can launch your next venture.

Sparks has been credited with over sixty startups, even though he never went to college. Through his tenacious determination he uncovered a way of making businesses succeed. Sparks current portfolio includes six companies. He also has an onboarding of a new company every year.

Marc Sparks serves as Chairman, CEO, and Director of Unistar Service Corp. He has founded, owned, and operated several insurance related corporations. He has a great amount of experience in the insurance and insurance bonding fields.

For several recent years Sparks has owned and managed casualty and property insurance companies, and a surety bonding agency.
Sparks book, They Can’t Eat You. is available as an Amazon Kindle ebook. It was published on September 14, 2014. It’s current Amazon Best Sellers rank is 709,322. It is ranked 1,326 in the Motivation and Se;f-Improvement category.

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