How Technology Has Helped Securus Technologies Solve and Prevent Crimes- Clients Comments

For quite a long time incarceration of offenders has been used to help them mend their ways. In a typical society where the system works a hundred percent, inmates are supposed to come out of the systems better and reformed, however this does not happen. It is for this reason that Securus Technologies an inmate technology company is doing all it can within its capacity to ensure that the inmate and the outside community are safe and they are accomplishing these through the use of technology.


So far, going by the investments made by this company it is true to say that this company is leading from the front when it comes to the use of technology. Securus Technologies use of technology seeks to provide solutions around the areas of criminal justice investigation, monitoring and instilling public safety among other pertinent issues around the inmate industry. The users of these technologies range from the inmate members, their family members, correctional facilities and government institutions. According to Rick Smith, Securus Technologies CEO the confidence instilled by their systems is evident through the positive comments collected by their clients in the recent past. Below are some of the comments noted by the company through the emails of their users.


One comment according to an anonymous user is that the Securus Technologies systems actually work. The users expressed their confidence that they were able to monitor a call by one facility employee hence making follow ups that ultimately led to the arrest of that employee and the evidence used against them to make an arrest. A second comment noted how for over a decade they have relied on the technologies provided by Securus and how the vendor has been committed to delivering quality services at all times. The above comments and others are proof enough of Securus Technologies commitment through the use of technology to the betterment of the incarceration industry through its technology.