Month: November 2017

How Technology Has Helped Securus Technologies Solve and Prevent Crimes- Clients Comments

For quite a long time incarceration of offenders has been used to help them mend their ways. In a typical society where the system works a hundred percent, inmates are supposed to come out of the systems better and reformed, however this does not happen. It is for this reason that Securus Technologies an inmate technology company is doing all it can within its capacity to ensure that the inmate and the outside community are safe and they are accomplishing these through the use of technology.


So far, going by the investments made by this company it is true to say that this company is leading from the front when it comes to the use of technology. Securus Technologies use of technology seeks to provide solutions around the areas of criminal justice investigation, monitoring and instilling public safety among other pertinent issues around the inmate industry. The users of these technologies range from the inmate members, their family members, correctional facilities and government institutions. According to Rick Smith, Securus Technologies CEO the confidence instilled by their systems is evident through the positive comments collected by their clients in the recent past. Below are some of the comments noted by the company through the emails of their users.


One comment according to an anonymous user is that the Securus Technologies systems actually work. The users expressed their confidence that they were able to monitor a call by one facility employee hence making follow ups that ultimately led to the arrest of that employee and the evidence used against them to make an arrest. A second comment noted how for over a decade they have relied on the technologies provided by Securus and how the vendor has been committed to delivering quality services at all times. The above comments and others are proof enough of Securus Technologies commitment through the use of technology to the betterment of the incarceration industry through its technology.


Whitney Wolfe Makes Great Advancements in her Life and Career

Bumble Bizz’s architect and Chief Executive Officer, Whitney Wolfe went to Southern University in pursuit of a degree in International Studies. She is a businesswoman who has made great advances in her business and life entirely. Bumble Bizz is an online dating app that enables people from different walks of life around the world to interact and foster relationships.

Whitney Wolfe has set higher goals for Bumble Bizz that she wishes to achieve in the shortest time possible. She is majorly focussing on promoting respectful and professional relationships with the users of her social media app. Most of all, she wants this social media platforms to aim at strengthening friendships and build on the moral values of its users. The invention of Bumble BFF has personalized most interactions held on the site. It is a constituent app of Bumble Bizz.

The business has its head offices in Central Austin. The location of the business attracts more subscribers for the services that they offer at the company. Professionalism being one of her major concerns, she believes that Bumble Bizz will promote networks for workers and entrepreneurs in different companies across the world. More people have stayed connected for years since the establishment of his company and she is working towards creating more connections. The goals she has set for Bumble Bizz is attainable and she is putting in the right efforts to ensure that they come to fruition.

Whitney Wolfe wedded her fiancé, Michael Herd in September 2017. The event took place in Southern Italy on the beautiful Amalfi Coast. It is at this place where she said where she finally fulfilled her dream of starting her life with someone she loves dearly and feels the same way about her. Click here to know more about her.

The extravagant designs and decors carried the day. Her husband is an expert in the hospitality industry and hence the different types of dishes that guests were served with. What many people who attended the wedding couldn’t stop talking about is the number of dresses she wore during the occasion. Their unique designs and expensive materials were impressive.

The wedding was beautiful. It captured the attention of many. However, Whitney Wolf was grateful for the assistance she got from her friends and colleagues while planning for her big day. This visionary is doing just fine with the signs of progress she is making in her life. She has a husband who loves and cares for her. Besides, her business is also thriving.

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Betsy DeVos The Jewel In The Field Of Philanthropy

Betsy DeVos is one of the people who has managed to attract a lot of attention from the public at large following her bid to improve the education sector in the United States. As a cabinet secretary for education, Betsy has further pushed for equality among students as far as accessing quality education is concerned. She has in the past few days paid a visit to some schools in the United States.


Among the things that Betsy has sought to rehabilitate, it’s the privatization of schools. Not long ago she was at Holy Comforter and Florida High trying to get primary information on how the schools and the students achieve their specific educational needs. This is in conjunction with her campaigns pushing for the choice of schools and charter institutions. She firmly believes that over the years community schools are stagnated when it comes to solving problems in their curriculum. And how else would one expect different results if they keep approaching similar issues with the same old strategies? In Betsy’s view, there needs to be a different way of addressing matters education in the United States.


Betsy has vehemently advocated for school vouchers, scholarships for marginalized students and also the financing of charter schools. Before becoming a part of the Donald Trump government, Betsy invested most of her energy to bringing together people who had similar beliefs about the American education system.


With the help of her husband, Mr. Dick DeVos, the duo has worked to ensure a befitting education sector for most American households. The couple, through their foundation, they have managed to be a source of joy for most families. Betsy still holds as a great example of how good deeds can yield real fruits and seek to ensure a better place for everyone in the world at large. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation’s main aim is to birth a breed of determined leaders and individuals who are well versed in their professional fields and whose ultimate goal is to shape the American economy and politics. Betsy’s unwavering support for charter schools is enough proof that she is ready and committed to handle the obstacles that may hinder the growth of the American Education System. This, she intends to achieve with her new robust ideas. The foundation has further gained popularity for its contribution to noble causes in the US. It made it to the list of one of the most significant contributors to charity programs in the US, in the year 2015.


Because Betsy DeVos has always been committed to reforms in the education sector, many are expecting that she will outperform herself in the role of cabinet secretary for education.


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