Month: August 2017

The Illustrious Life of Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is one of the most successful executives in the United States. People know her for her role with Bumble where she is the chief executive officer. Whitney Wolfe is also known for the role with Tinder. Tinder is a dating app that Whitney Wolfe acted as an angel investor. Earlier last year, Bumble and Tinder were regarded as the most popular dating apps in the United States. As for Whitney Wolfe, she was voted as being one of the most influential women under 30 years by the Business Insider. This was back in the year 2106. In the same year, she was also recognized as Elle’s Women in Tech. Just the other day, she was listed by the Forbes Magazine on the list of top 30 below 30.

At the moment, her first dating app has approximately 11.5 million users and was established in the year 2014. She co founded the app with Andrey Andreev. At the moment, Whitney Wolfe has embarked on launching new verticals for this app. For instance, there is the BumbleBFF and BumbleBIZZ. The Forbes Magazine evaluated the company at a worth of $500 million. The education that Whitney Wolfe received as a young girl may have contributed to her success. Her dad was a property manager while her mum was a house wife. Whitney Wolfe was born and raised in Utah. At the moment, Whitney Wolfe is 27 years old. For her undergraduate degree, Whitney Wolfe went to Southern Methodist University where she specialized in international studies. She capitalized on a BP oil spill to sell some bamboo tote bags to the residents of the affected area.

She is the founder of a non-profit organization called Help Us Project. She partnered with Patrick Aufdenkamp in establishment of this organization. Other people that Whitney Wolfe has worked with in this project include Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe. Soon after completing school, Whitney Wolfe started working with Hatch Labs where she was involved with her first startup called Cardify. At the moment, Whitney Wolfe resides in Austin, Texas. At one time, she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Tinder.

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Greg Secker’s Trading Route to Financial Freedom

Greg Secker is an English forex trader and entrepreneur. In an interview with Inspirery, he said that he was inspired to start teaching forex trading because he noticed a lot of people struggle with the concept. He saw trading as a way to improve the lives of people who struggle financially. He sees trading as an easy way to make money. Using Learn to Trade and his foundation Greg Secker tries to teach people as much as possible.

According to Mr. Secker to make money all one needs is knowledge on what to invest in and the way in which one should invest. Greg Secker was able to start working from home at the young age of 27. He pointed out that it only took three to six months for him to make as much money as he had made in his corporate job. He ensured that he reinvested as much of the money he made as possible.

His first students were the members of his family and his close friends who were curious about how he was able to make so much money working from home. He sees the support he has from his family, friends and business partners as the key to his success. He also views his encounters with various people that he meets especially when doing workshops as important to his success. Greg Secker tries to ensure he learns something from these encounters.

The successful entrepreneur sees the establishment of Knowledge to Action as one of the most satisfying moments of his life. He believes that there is no limit to what a person can do. Likening business to a card trick, he asserts that magic only requires a little bit of hard work. You can do great unexpected things if you are hardworking.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker has a Bachelor of Science in European Studies with Agricultural and Food Sciences. He currently is the CEO of Learn to Trade. Greg started his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services after which he went on to work at Virtual trading Desk. He is the founder of The Greg Secker Foundation, FX Capital, Smart Charts and Global Success Summits. He is married with three children.


Dr. Akhil Reddy is Committed to Redefining the Dental Experience through Comprehensive Dental Care

Dr. Akhil Reddy was born and brought up in Texas. At a tender age, Reddy knew what he wanted, a combination of engineering, medicine, and practical skills. He was involved in the Red Cross, soccer, Boy Scouts, and Tennis. He moved to California after he was accepted by the University of Pacific and was posted to their Accelerated Dental Program. While at the university, he acquired vast knowledge from the institutions that he was involved with including the Sigma Chi Fraternity. He furthered his training at the University of Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School Of Dentistry based in San Francisco, and he attained a Doctorate Degree at the age of 23.

After graduating, he moved back to his home area and started practice in Dallas, Texas. As he grew in his career, Reddy realized his zeal in creating excellent dental care practices that would be accessible to all socioeconomic levels. After practicing in various parts of Texas, his leadership skills became evident when he started mentoring and coaching doctors who had just graduated from dental school and are new in the business. After some time, he started consulting and partnering with other dentists.

Their partnerships resulted in comprehensive treatment and an increase in the client base. They started opening offices in tertiary and suburban markets where there was limited access to quality and affordable dental care. They offered patient education and increased the transparency in their practices which led to a loyal clientele base.

MB2 Dental was established in 2009 by Dr. Chris Seven Villanueva. The company is based on the idea that dentists practice best when working as a strong affiliation. MB2 was created by dentists to serve dentists and their patients. The company has over 1,000 employees and over 80 dental offices across the country. As a practice improvement and dental management firm, MB2 understands the challenges faced by dentists and their needs. It has focused its operation on solving those problems so that the dentists can concentrate on patient care.

At MB2, career ceiling is a foreign phrase. The team believes in pushing every individual to their full potential. The company does not limit the growth of their associates. The affiliated dentists utilize the company’s network of learning, career growth, and mentorship. MB2 looks forward to creating a dentists community that is focused on providing excellent dental care to all clients. The mission of the company is to provide the affiliated owners with personalized systems as well as a panel of experts to offer the guidance and knowledge required to handle non-clinical issues.

JHSF Invests In Leading Real Estate Projects Through the Guidance of Jose Neto

The history of JHSF is traced back to 1972 where two brothers invested in a leading company in real estate. Fabio as well as Jose Auriemo partnered to establish the high end property development company. The firm focused on the construction of real estate structures including the development process as well as the inception. About 1990, the brothers agreed to split the company into two managerial sectors where each could manage a unit. Fabio Auriemo was in charge of Participacoes while Jose Auriemo took over JHSJ.


JHSF Partcipacoes has been leading in real estate developments. It is prominent for its excellent client relationships. As the first firm to prioritize income assets in Brazil, the company has earned client trust in several trading platforms. From generating established shopping malls, airports, restaurants as well as high end real estate property, JHSF prides itself on being on the lead of businesses. JHSF operates in Brazil and is internationally known in other states like Uruguay and the United States of America. Since its establishment, the company has proudly developed over 6 million meters of real estate foundations that have a market value of about R$1.20 billion. Click here to know more.


In 2001, JHSF registered remarkable achievement when it expanded business through a segment of shopping centers. For starters, the firm invested in Metro Santa Cruz, a shopping mall in Brazil’s Sao Paulo. This was the first shopping mall to feature a subway station. With most clients investing in JHSF’s beliefs to transform the Brazilian market, the company poached another business by winning the heart of Fasano Group, a chain of hotels. In 2010, JHSF under the leadership of Jose Neto won the heart of Metro Santa Cruz, a shopping mall that was sold to BR Malls. The transaction was concluded in a vast period.


In 2014, there was the inauguration of Catarina Fashion Outlet. This is a leading shopping mall featuring luxurious clothes. Catarina Mall is a project that includes an executive airport as well as aviation channels. It is in 2014 that Jose Neto was appointed as chairman of the company. Since his appointment, he has been instrumental in leading successful business transactions. Jose Neto has created friendly working relationships with clients. He also combines talent and leadership in offering leadership as well as guidance.

Talk Fusion, the Unique Video Marketing Company

The CEO of Talk Fusion,recently published two articles on HuffPost. Both articles went live on air on two separate dates. HuffPost’s aims to share the stories of people that are often ignored in conversations. This is the same objective that Bob Reiner, the CEO of Talk Fusion , also projects. He believes that the growth of a brand is a continuous process. He aims at setting up people to succeed, their background notwithstanding. One of the articles was entitled “Promoting with purpose, how to understand your audience” while the other as titled “How to thrive in a Society of Quitters”.These articles offered helpful motivational information which had the objective of helping individuals and businesses to improve their performance. Learn more:

He has contributed immensely to HuffPost’s articles on issues such as entrepreneurship,lifestyle, marketing and video technology, self-development and skillful selling. He is happy to contribute to the trending platform to provide important information on things that are important to others. He feels that the platform is of help to many through sharing of helpful articles that incorporates Huffpost’s about 200 million readers. Learn more:

Talk Fusion is regarded as the place where the first all in one video marketing solution was provided. The company is involved in the business of helping its clients to have competitive advantage in business, increase their sales and improve their profits. This is by creating an environment that makes customers to keep on coming back. The company helps businesses to develop persuasive, memorable and engaging marketing initiatives through their video presentations.

The company has products that are innovative which are marketed on a person to person basis by independent business associates in over 100 countries. They also offer free 30-day trials of the all in one videos marketing solutions that are easily available. The company does not need the customer’s a credit card to effect this trial. The company was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina who is currently the Chief Executive Officer. Its sole objective is to give back to society including charities, families, friends, and communities. Learn more: