Arthur Becker’s Trek to Real Estate Success

Success in real estate is as much about what you do as how you do it. Arthur Becker, formerly a Bear Stearns stockbroker, has been making waves in the New York real estate scene for the better part of the past six years. Becker is the Managing Partner at Madison Partners, LLC and it has been his tireless work that has helped to elevate the team to their position. From luxury condo developments to work on Billionaire’s Row, Becker is making a name for himself. Let’s get to know the Madison Partner’s leader a little bit more.

Arthur Becker knows that success as an entrepreneur is difficult. He also knows it can be even more difficult when you don’t surround yourself with the right people. Becker believes the the biggest ingredient to success is surrounding yourself with people that you respect for their work ethic and their talent. Becker says, “I am most effective when I work with people that I respect, in real estate or in technology.” Becker is obviously somber and business minded when he works so it is integral to his own success that he partners up with individuals who mirror the ability to get focused and get to work. Check out Bloomberg to know more.

As far as innovations go, Becker knows that you can’t grow relaxed and comfortable in the investment industry. Right now Madison Partners has been largely focused on real estate in New York City and with great success. Becker has worked with some of the top real estate developers in the city and he already has cemented himself as one of the risers in the industry. Still, Becker knows that innovating is important and that is why Madison Partners is looking into the bio tech industry as a source of potential future investments. Becker says, “I am very intrigued by a number of trends in bio tech.” He goes on to point out that he is interested in cancer treatment and feels that he is sufficiently informed to take it on.

Charting the future for Arthur Becker and Madison Partners is looking like it could be a full time job. Becker will continue working in the city on real estate developments in the foreseeable future.

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