Securus Technologies Proves Their Ethics With A BBB Accreditation

One of the top providers in the field of criminal and civil justice is Securus Technologies. Their hard work and technology has earned them an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


Danny de Hoyos stated they have worked very hard to achieve this rating. This Operations Senor Vice President is pleased with the formal accreditation. In order to be accredited Securus had to meet all of the requirements involved.


1) Have an excellent track record

2) Honest advertising and selling

3) Represent all services and products with honesty

4) Give clear and full disclosure of all guarantees, policies and procedures

5) Stand behind all verbal and written agreements

6) Handle disputes quickly and fairly

7) Protect all data including customers

8) Use integrity in all business dealings


To improve the quality of their customer service Securus began a call center with 220 seats. This center serves around 25 million family members and friends. This allowed Securus to take full control of their customer service. They receive approximately 2.5 million calls each month. Their answering time is 11 seconds and they have a 99 per cent rate of resolution on the very first call. This helped a great deal in their becoming accredited with the Better Business Bureau.


Securus has been officially confirmed and verified by the Better Business Bureau. With a team comprised of more than 1,300 Associates Securus is the largest in the industry. There have been competitors in the past who have made some pretty wild allegations against Securus and what their capabilities are. This accreditation proves Securus is reliable and responsible and the allegations made by their competitors were highly exaggerated. They have proven they can and will do what they say because that is how they run their business. They welcome any scrutiny because they have nothing to hide.