The Truth about Securus Technologies Lawsuit

Securus Technologies is an Information Technology company with its HQ’s in Atlanta, Georgia. Mid this year, on 7th June 2016 to be precise, GTL released a press release which is a bit misleading about Securus Technologies.


GTL had previously claimed that the 816 patent “PTAB” was validated and the court had given them, GTL, the go-ahead to seek injunctions and damages against Securus Technologies. The truth of the matter, however, is that the previous was unable to find the any of the relief they claim since the case had overstayed in the Texas federal court.


A closer look at the services offered by the Securus Technologies, I can ascertain that the company doesn’t practice the claimed fundamental security feature as disclosed by the single independent claim by the GTL. I am, therefore, not stormed by the fact that the PTAB did not determine whether the claims were patentable but merely concluded they wouldn’t review the claims.


Looking at earlier proceedings, the unlikelihood of the jury listening to evidence from either side this year or in a few months time as claimed by GTL is high. The jury, however, is expected to determine for itself whether Securus uses the methods declared by GTL. From what I know from Securus profile, I’m confident they don’t use the methods.


A closer look at GTL’s allegations, I couldn’t avoid noting that they were hoping they would be granted the permission t use their patented technologies on its video visitation platforms. The use of the “if granted” is clear evidence that even GTL is aware that there will be no facilities where any violation is occurring.


Unlike the claim by GTL about how Securus settles with industry competitors who use their patented technology without authority, Securus uses solves such disputes with intelligence and mutual financial arrangement and agreements with such companies.


You can visit Securus Technologies to learn more about their services.