Month: December 2016

Overview of Interview with Nathaniel Ru of Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen has been opening up its food stores in a number of strategic areas in various cities across the US. Its magic is the healthy food it offers that is both reasonably priced and tasty. The Sweetgreen salad is great as you do not go hungry after 45 minutes like the ordinary salads. Sweetgreen started off in 2007 in Washington, DC and has expanded to around 40 sites in California and New York with shops expected in Chicago and Boston. In an interview with Nathaniel Ru, Fortune understood how Sweetgreen sources for its food, its service design crafting and why people should eat more than just kales.



Clever Way of Picking its Locations


Ru stated that Sweetgreen’s sequencing and store openings timing is part of its huge real estate strategy. The way the company enters a market is important as the number of stores they open. The chain chooses areas that are free from the usual casual chains and areas where new media and tech companies are located. The chain has opened its stores in the hip and affluent neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Nolita and Tribeca. The chain goes beyond pure convenience as it targets not only the lunch traffic but also weekends and dinners.



Service Design and Source of Foods


Nathaniel Ru refers to Sweetgreen’s service design as a culmination of technology, storytelling and design. It elevates the simple selling of a product to a consistent and personalized service to every customer. Sweetgreen is a restaurant that customers can rely on when they are ordering via the app (30% of customers use this method) or in-store. Customers are able to see the open kitchen and Ru explains that when they see the ingredients and the process behind every meal is important to the chain as they do not have to explain how they do their salads. The ordering process is one-on-one and although it takes about 15 minutes, it is very accurate. Sweetgreen enquires from farmers on the available crops rather than requesting for a particular crop. This cuts down on waste and exposes the customers to a new veggie they would not have tried.



About Nathaniel Ru


Sweetgreen co-founder Nathaniel Ru graduated from Georgetown University with BS Finance in 2007 (McDonough School of Business). This was the year that the three co-founders started working on their idea to make it a business venture. They aimed at creating a casual and seasonal kitchen based on sustainability and local sourcing. The first branch was opened in Georgetown and the chain has so far grown to about 40 outlets.




Squaw Valley Is Cleaning Up After A Freak And Heavy Rainstorm

If skiing sounds like a good idea, Squaw Valley may be in your future. Squaw Valley is one of those iconic ski resorts that attracts celebrities, professional skiers, politicians, and world leaders. There are several reasons why Squaw Valley hasn’t lost its ski mojo after all these years. One reason is the location of the resort. The Lake Tahoe area is beautiful 12-months a year. Another reason is the privacy that Squaw Valley offers its guests. There are slope side lodges and secluded lodges for the lovers that want to ski. And, the reputation of the resort is first class. Squaw Valley hosted the 1960 Winter Olympic Games. The slopes and trails are named after some of the high-profile skiers that came to the resort in the old days and left their mark.

The truth is, Squaw Valley is a well managed, profitable, and well-financed operation that has the well-being and the safety of their guests in mind. CEO Andy Wirth is one of those people-lovers that understands what guests want. Wirth has an extensive background in the ski industry. He was the marketing director for the Steamboat Springs ski resort for several years, The Cushing family asked him to join Squaw Valley to oversee the expansion of the resort in 2010. Andy recently told the press it was the best decision of his life. Wirth is currently working on another major expansion that will benefit the ski resort as well as the Lake Tahoe community. See:

The last five years were not great years for the ski industry. The drought threw a dry monkey wrench in at least five ski years. In 2015, the ski industry made a comeback. The forecast for the 2016/2017 season was good, so Wirth and his staff started to plan early for a long and successful ski year. But nature didn’t cooperate, in October 2016. A freak and heavy rainstorm flooded four of the Squaw Valley wells. The wells are located in the upper mountain region of the resort. The staff did a routine water check when the rain stopped, and the test showed high levels of coliform and E. coli bacteria in the wells.

According to Squaw Valley Public Relations Director, Liesl Kenney, two drinking water systems in the Gold Coast and High Camp areas of the resort were shut down. The restaurants and bars in those areas were closed, but the guests had access to the other 50 restaurants and bars in the resort. Free bottled water was given to all the guests. None of the guests were exposed to the bacteria, so no one got sick.

Kenney said the Squaw Valley Public Service District and the Placer County Environmental Health Department were notified, and health safety experts were called in to assess the situation. A water cleanup program started immediately. According to the Sierra Sun, three of the four wells responded right away to the cleanup process. Three wells have low levels of the coliform bacteria and no E. coli. The two affected water systems will remain closed until all four wells are free of harmful bacteria, according to Liesl Kenney.

Recap of Wengies Ten Life Hacks

Wengie starts the video with her usual bubbly, charismatic personality and quirky humor. She is in her fabulous apartment, with good views of every room inside while she gives her advice. Rather than give life hacks with little application in the real world, Wengie gives solid advice that anyone can use.


The first life hack is how to make old jumpers look fresh again. I don’t want to give it away, but hint: it involves a razor! Then she goes on to explain how to easily remove keys from a key ring, without hurting your nails. You will wish you knew this sooner. Then, Wengie goes into a fabulous secret of how to not lose important items while in a rush to get out the door. It’s a very simple idea, but can work wonders.


The next few hacks involve a way to never procrastinate while doing your laundry, a simple idea for keeping trash bins tidy, and a method for keeping important papers crisp and fresh. Through each of these hacks, you will see plenty of Wengie’s cute kitten roaming around and sniffing the camera.


The 8th hack is a genius idea of how to keep the shower temperature consistent, without needing to adjust it every time. It is super simple and will make taking a bath so much easier. Finally, Wengie finishes up the video giving two fabulous life hack involving food. The first one will makes breakfast cereal much more delicious with a simple trick. And the last and final hack will make grocery shopping a blast!