Michael Zomber Is A Widely Recognized Published Author

There are many authors in the world. Some people have written novels that have received wide acclaim while other people have never been able to break through as a successful author. For people looking to make it as an author, what is the difference between a successful author and an author who never achieves public success?

There are many different reasons that can be pointed to related to success for authors, but one author who has provided people with information about being an author along with a variety of other topics is published author Michael Zomber. With several novels under his published credit, Mr. Zomber is a highly acclaimed author. He has amassed a large following of dedicated readers who are always pleased to see a new novel released by him.

Mr. Zomber has a passion for writing that gives him the energy and desire to write on a consistent basis over a long time period. He is very knowledgeable on many subjects and has a life that contains a mixture of many interesting areas. One area of Mr. Zomber’s life that he enjoys a lot is antique collecting. His particular interest concerning antique collecting usually involves antique weapons such as guns and swords.

With the knowledge and experience that he has amassed over the past 25 to 30 years regarding antique collecting, Mr. Zomber is asked to give information on antiques on many occasions. The History Channel is an organization that calls on Mr. Zomber on a regular basis to share his knowledge regarding antique weapons. The weapons he collects come from various time periods and some of the weapons have significant historical meaning.

Besides being an author and an antique collector of weapons, Mr. Zomber also owns and operates a production company with his wife. His production company produces films that focus on historical subjects that he feels the public would have an interest in viewing. Beyond films produced by his production company. Mr. Zomber contributes money to other films.

A man who has accomplished a lot in various areas of his life. Michael Zomber provides a wealth of information to the public in areas such as history, writing, and films. He continues to have passion for life and what life has to offer.