The Growth of Sweetgreen from Infancy to a Globally Renowned Firm

Every student at Georgetown College is conversant with Sweetgreen either as a perfect choice for quality dishes during lunch hours or tasty snacks after an intensive workout. Surprisingly, six years ago, only Jonathan Neman, Nathaniel Ru, and Nicolas Jammet knew about Sweetgreen. During their senior year, these graduates started a debate on the few options of healthy and cost-friendly food in Georgetown. Some of the aspects that brought together the co-founders of Sweetgreen include an endless love for food, a desire to create something, and willingness to find lasting solutions to their problems.


Unique way of solving problems

The three business partners did not have sufficient business experience but that they were willing to try. They laid out their vision and came up with a clear business plan. While each of them was hailing from entrepreneurial families, they did not understand what it took to develop a successful business, especially in the food sector. Due to lack of relevant experience, Sweetgreen became a success since the co-founders came up with fresh ideas for dealing with challenges they encountered. Due to the expansion of the restaurant chain on its original location, the founders began experiencing limited space issues. However, they did not divert from their absolute dedication to sustainability and the use of high-quality ingredients.


The three co-founders worked closely with other restaurant owners, Georgetown faculty, and architects, to drive the growth of their business. They also incorporated creativity and business knowledge they had acquired from their studies. They created a value-driven business by introducing community service in their firm. The business partners launched Sweetgreen in Schools, a program that enlightens kids concerning their nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle, in 2010.


Nathaniel Ru in brief

Nathaniel Ru is one of the co-founders of Sweetgreen, a fast-casual restaurant chain based in the United States. It officially opened its door in 2007, and it specializes in serving seasonal, highly nutritious food. Under the leadership of Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman, the restaurant chain has become a huge success with about 64 operational stores strategically located in the main cities of the U.S. More than 1,700 employees are under the management of Nathaniel Ru and his two co-partners. Nathaniel has four personal investments in four distinct companies.


Charity work

Nathaniel has established a corporate charity wing at Sweetgreen responsible for all the philanthropic initiatives of the company. The charity arm funds both local and global community organizations, which promotes education and works towards the elimination of poverty. Nathaniel works toward promoting social responsibility within the company.