The Man Behind HCRC Medical Staffing Agency: Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is the founder of one of the biggest medical staffing agencies in Philadelphia. Brian has been managing Healthcare Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) staffing agency which provides customized staffing services and tailor-made jobs in the healthcare sector.

Brian Torchin has been the man behind the success of the agency because of his ideologies and principle behind the service. Brian’s mission is to improve the experience for both the prospective employee and the employer. He strives to educate medical professions to join staffing agencies as the process becomes smoother and simpler.

Brian Torchin has a vast experience in the field of healthcare. He is a practicing chiropractor himself and has a degree in Excercise science also from the University of Delaware. Brian continues to give quality healthcare to his patients with his experience in healing.He has identified the problems people have to face during job hunting and aims to improve the whole experience.

His agency has qualified counselors to identify the demands of the industry and select a suitable candidate accordingly. Brian himself looks after the day to day development of the business with his keen business insight and experience in this field.

Brian’s passion towards uniting hospitals with their rightful staff is the reason behind the success of his agency. He wants all medical professionals to join a staffing agency as he does not like a talent going to waste due to lack of opportunities or resources.

Brian’s rich experience in the medical profession has helped him to understand the needs of the industry clearly and concisely. With his agency, he strives to bridge the gap between knowledge and career for all qualified medical professionals.

He is the pioneer of medical staffing services in Pennsylvania and plans to expand his work for the progress of medical professionals all around the country and the world.