Month: October 2016

The Man Behind HCRC Medical Staffing Agency: Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is the founder of one of the biggest medical staffing agencies in Philadelphia. Brian has been managing Healthcare Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) staffing agency which provides customized staffing services and tailor-made jobs in the healthcare sector.

Brian Torchin has been the man behind the success of the agency because of his ideologies and principle behind the service. Brian’s mission is to improve the experience for both the prospective employee and the employer. He strives to educate medical professions to join staffing agencies as the process becomes smoother and simpler.

Brian Torchin has a vast experience in the field of healthcare. He is a practicing chiropractor himself and has a degree in Excercise science also from the University of Delaware. Brian continues to give quality healthcare to his patients with his experience in healing.He has identified the problems people have to face during job hunting and aims to improve the whole experience.

His agency has qualified counselors to identify the demands of the industry and select a suitable candidate accordingly. Brian himself looks after the day to day development of the business with his keen business insight and experience in this field.

Brian’s passion towards uniting hospitals with their rightful staff is the reason behind the success of his agency. He wants all medical professionals to join a staffing agency as he does not like a talent going to waste due to lack of opportunities or resources.

Brian’s rich experience in the medical profession has helped him to understand the needs of the industry clearly and concisely. With his agency, he strives to bridge the gap between knowledge and career for all qualified medical professionals.

He is the pioneer of medical staffing services in Pennsylvania and plans to expand his work for the progress of medical professionals all around the country and the world.

Geoffey Cone Discusses Importance of Trust Establishment to New Zealand Families

Geoffrey Cone, a partner in the successful New Zealand law firm, Cone Marshall, has recently published an article discussing the importance of trust establishment to New Zealand families. The article highlights many difficulties that families face when making a decision regarding trust establishment and seeks to help them choose a trust that will be a beneficial long term decision. Among the many grounds that Cone considers to be essential to the trust establishment process are the grounds that the family wishes to protect certain assets from excessive taxation, the family wishes to protect assets from loved ones and other family members, and that the family wishes to become more conservative when managing assets.

Geoffrey Cone stated in his most recent publication that the establishment of a trust is critical for families who are attempting to avoid undue taxation. As a tax attorney, Cone is aware of the many legal taxation burdens that families face when their assets total a certain amount. Cone suggests that families who are seeking to avoid undue taxation develop a trust for their assets and name a family member who is not responsible for the asset as a trustee. By implementing this type of trust, family members can protect valuable assets from heavy taxation and ensure that the assets that they have worked for remain intact for future family members.

Geoffrey Cone also stressed the importance trust development for families who wished to protect assets from family members in case of the trustee’s demise. Cone has witnessed many incidents where the family members of deceased relatives received estate values and assets that were not allocated to them in the deceased relatives’ will. These stipulations are often made as a result of the living relatives bringing a law suit against the legal estate holders in order to receive unallocated funds. Cone asserts that these cases could often have been avoided if the family members had set up a trust during their lifetime. Trusts can be developed to specify the allocation of assets to certain individual in a way that a last will in testament may not.

Cone’s article also indicated the importance of the establishment of trusts for families who seek to become fiscally conservative. Cone noted that the conservative efforts of families who establish trusts are often greater than those who do not. Trusts can help families to allocate portions individual assets that should remain untouched. Trusts can also be established in accounts that yield great interest rates for the owner of the account. Cone emphasized the fact that high yielding trusts are often used among families of considerable means in an effort to reserve wealth for future generations.

As a member of the New Zealand Financial Conservatory and a partner at the Cone Marshall law firm in New Zealand, Geoffrey Cone has a vested interest in the establishment of New Zealand trusts. Cone made it clear in his article, however, that his major concern is for New Zealand families who are seeking to make important financial decisions in coming years.

Getting to Know EOS

When you think about winter and the colder months ahead, you’re likely thinking about the inevitable- cold and flu season. When you’re talking cold and flu season, you have to consider the huge possibilities of having chapped and dry, cracked lips. But instead of going to the classic Blistex or Chapstick medicated lip balm, it’s time to try something new. Evolution of Smooth, or EOS lip balm is a natural brand that has taken America by storm, thanks to it’s unique take on lip balm in every way possible.

So what makes Evolution of Smooth so unique? Well, to start, it comes in a little sphere, instead of the typical tube. They also come in assorted flavors and colors, unlike a regular, medicated lip balm. They are a natural product, that is also hypoallergenic and gluten free, which makes it a good product for nearly anyone. They certainly stand out in a crowd so you won’t miss them while shopping. You can get them at many stores throughout America, like Target, CVS or Walmart ( You can also get them from online retailers such as eBay and Ulta ( Evolution of Smooth is also dermatologist tested and is packed with vitamins that are needed to get your lips feeling soft and healthy.

It’s time for a change of pace- give up that medicated lip balm and take a more natural approach filled with vitamins, like EOS has to offer. You will love the selection of flavored spheres, that come at a modest price of about three dollars a piece. Make the switch today, and start preparing for the brutal winter ahead.


One-man Liberty Storm, Thor Halvorssen Thunders on Tyranny

It is fascinating when one person stands-up and stands-out from the crowd, people who make social issues their life force, so it goes without say Thor Halvorssen is one such individual. As President of Human Rights Foundation (HRF) he is a one-man liberty storm. But why are most people minion followers of oppression? Why is there few leaders protecting their own rights, and freedoms.

Why do most people ignore suffering and pain inflicted by tyrants of government? Why do a few like Thor Halvorssen and his family take physical beating, so ungrateful future generations of people will be granted a more prosperous life? These questions are the truest essences of human nature, the fortitudinous exemplary of bravery.

Interestingly, Thor Halvorssen is a worldly and notable person of his own heritage. His family waged war on injustices, and suffered great consequences because of it. Yet, a motto from the Halvorssen team is clearly sent to the subjugated, don’t just whisper freedom, use your talent, mind, body, and soul to combat tyranny. Get your hands dirty a little bit, hear the thunder, and call for the mallet of peace.

It hard to name all the culprits of dictatorship in the world; the United States has human rights issues, American Civil Rights claims are abundant. A study by Thor Halvorssen showed that Amnesty International used almost 57% of its energy on United States injustices. So evils of the world boil down to severity, not homeland.

Thor Halvorssen sees civil rights as a global infection, one social disease that can inflict even the strongest of countries. Thor Halvorssen’s organization does not discriminate; all participants only need one basic premise. The principle is to rid the world of tyranny.

The sad part is Thor’s staff is twelve. How can it be, we as modern-day, global accessible, internet connected, compassionate, and church going people that we are, we haven’t been able to make a dent in the preverbal domination from the wicked? It is suggested, half the world is oppressed by malicious tyranny, and Thor and his squad are like superheroes saving the world one struggle at a time.

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