Richard Blair’s Advice on Renting To AirBnB Tenants

Some see renting their homes out to AirBnB as a potential source of additional income. However, the reality is that this can be a very risky proposition as there is now a tenant-landlord relationship at play when renting on the site. For starters, rentals are not covered under the typical homeowner’s insurance policy, meaning that any damage caused by tenants won’t be covered by insurance. AirBnB does provide some coverage to homeowners, but this is only after exhausting your personal resources or insurance policy. Many homeowners find that they need supplemental insurance when taking tenants in, so they need to be careful to ensure that the insurance policy which they choose will cover AirBnB tenants whom move in to the property.

He has expertise on this topic as he has a broad range of areas which are of importance to individuals in the finance industry. These important topics are useful for ensuring that their clients are able to retire in a timely manner with plenty of money.

Richard Blair is a financial advisor and the owner of Wealth Solutions, which is a firm based in Austin, Texas that seeks to make in impact in the lives of individuals and families. The company aims to make a significant impact in the lives of their clients, with the goal of ensuring that individuals are able to plan for and save for their retirement. The firm operates around a process, which focuses on assisting individuals in their efforts to plan for and save for the future.

Richard also seeks to educate individuals on matters which concern their finances. This is a natural draw to him, as there are many teachers in his family. This is what distinguishes Richard from many other investment professionals: his approach centers around educating individuals to be financially secure. He also understands that there is a gap between living in retirement and planning for retirement: his approach focuses on bridging this gap. In doing so, he is able to bridge the gap between what is expected for retirement for his clients and what their expectations are for life during retirement.

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