Month: August 2016

New Hair With Wen by Chaz Dean

It’s funny how hair can be beautiful and shiny, or it can be a dull mess that wrecks your day. Guess which kind I got? Unfortunately, my hair is oily so it hasn’t helped me in the beauty department. It gets very lank, so curling and styling and having fun with it hasn’t been part of my world. I had given up, but then I heard about a product called Wen hair by Chaz Dean, a Los Angeles hair stylist. I decided to try it.
I got the Sweet Almond Mint scent and it was wonderful. I tried it for a week, using a large amount of product daily, as directed. Wow! I soon had hair that was clean and light, and yes I got a lot of compliments.

Chaz Dean developed this Sephora marketed natural product line as many women are looking for a natural solution to hair problems. I’d never gotten compliments on my hair before, so I felt very transformed by using the Wen product line.

I’ll definitely be using this hair treatment again, and I”m going to try the other scents too, like Fig and Mandarin Orange. These Total Beauty sold products all smell fantastic and they really can turn heavy, dull hair into something that’s head turning. Thank you Chaz!

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Doe Deere’s Creative Spirit

Is it possible to really make your dreams happen? Though there will always be some naysayers out there in the world, the fact is that those with vision and a keen entrepreneurial spirit will always find a way to make their dreams come true.

One of the more exciting stories of how an up and coming creative spirit created a company from scratch (only to see if become a successful and influential brand) is the story of Doe Deere.

Doe Deere emigrated to the US from Russia and spent her formative years in New York. She started out as a musician and met her husband in music circles there. She was always highly creative and also highly motivated as a business woman. She started Lime Crime Cosmetics after initially having an online fashion company. She used the techniques she’d learned selling fashion on eBay to launch Lime Crime.

The Bold Idea of Lime Crime

One of the breakthrough features of Lime Crime Cosmetics, which started out on a website, is the incredibly vivid colors the brand offers for lipsticks and makeup. Deere created the look of Lime Crime as a response to the very beige and natural trends that were happening with the larger makeup brands back in 2008. The colors available in Lime Crime’s lip colors are as bold as can be. The Unicorn Lipsticks from Lime Crime come in almost every color imaginable, from bright yellow to green, blue, black, purple and more. The colors are very strong but also as beautiful can be, which is why this brand is catching on in a big way.

True Innovation

One of the other notable qualities of Doe Deere is her sense of innovation. This is obvious in her use of electric colors, but it’s also in the way she has tested and created new products in the lab. She worked with a dedicated chemist to create her Velvetines Lip Color line, which is the first “liquid to matte” lipstick on the market. This lip color is vegan and it stays on without crumbling. The colors in the line are very attention-getting, and they wear beautifully.

Deere’s sense of innovation is also obvious in the way she has used the Internet to market Lime Crime. Right now Lime Crime has over 2 million followers on Instagram, and it’s all due to Deere’s idea of making the site very interactive, with followers sharing their own photos of their faces in Lime Crime colors.

Yes, creative dreams really can come true. Just ask Doe Deere.

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Lime Crime Creator Doe Deere Reveals The Secret Behind Female Entrepreneurship

Avi Weisfogel is a modern renaissance man

Avi Weisfogel is an extremely successful man. He runs a very successful dental practice, and he also has time to focus on his patient’s sleeping habits. Many of his patients report a major increase in quality of life thanks to his work. Avi Weisfogel is happy to do his job, but he has other hobbies as well. Many would consider Avi to be a renaissance man, due to his diversity of hobbies.

Avi has always been passionate about music. As a child, he would listen to the radio, and dream about one day appearing live on stage. As a young adult, he believed that dream would never come true. Fortunately, Avi’s successful dental practice has given him the resources to grow as a musician. Avi loves rapping, and he regularly shares his work via SoundCloud. He loves posting videos to Vimeo, and he has even made a few appearances on MTV. Avi’s musical passions have played a huge role in his growth as a person.

Social media plays a huge role in society, and Avi loves to grab onto social media. He knows that he can use his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to draw attention to worthy causes. He regularly tweets about his charity work, and about issues going on in the world. He loves interacting with his followers, and he regularly checks in on their lives.

Avi is a very successful professional, but the highlight of his career is being able to give back to others. Avi gives generously to charities, and he is especially involved in Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a charity focused on helping children with cleft palates recover from the disorder. They perform the surgery for free, and they visit children around the world. Avi has personally given to the cause, and he has also helped spread the word. Recently, Avi launched a GoFundMe to bring in more money for Operation Smile. The GoFundMe was extremely successful, and Avi was able to make a large donation to the charity.

Avi Weisfogel loves being a well-rounded individual. His large variety of talents allow him to always have something new and exciting to focus on.

Richard Blair’s Advice on Renting To AirBnB Tenants

Some see renting their homes out to AirBnB as a potential source of additional income. However, the reality is that this can be a very risky proposition as there is now a tenant-landlord relationship at play when renting on the site. For starters, rentals are not covered under the typical homeowner’s insurance policy, meaning that any damage caused by tenants won’t be covered by insurance. AirBnB does provide some coverage to homeowners, but this is only after exhausting your personal resources or insurance policy. Many homeowners find that they need supplemental insurance when taking tenants in, so they need to be careful to ensure that the insurance policy which they choose will cover AirBnB tenants whom move in to the property.

He has expertise on this topic as he has a broad range of areas which are of importance to individuals in the finance industry. These important topics are useful for ensuring that their clients are able to retire in a timely manner with plenty of money.

Richard Blair is a financial advisor and the owner of Wealth Solutions, which is a firm based in Austin, Texas that seeks to make in impact in the lives of individuals and families. The company aims to make a significant impact in the lives of their clients, with the goal of ensuring that individuals are able to plan for and save for their retirement. The firm operates around a process, which focuses on assisting individuals in their efforts to plan for and save for the future.

Richard also seeks to educate individuals on matters which concern their finances. This is a natural draw to him, as there are many teachers in his family. This is what distinguishes Richard from many other investment professionals: his approach centers around educating individuals to be financially secure. He also understands that there is a gap between living in retirement and planning for retirement: his approach focuses on bridging this gap. In doing so, he is able to bridge the gap between what is expected for retirement for his clients and what their expectations are for life during retirement.

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Kate Hudson: A Model For Athleisure

Kate Hudson is someone who is very passionate about style and fashion. While she understands that style is a lot different than fashion, she does see the value in both. Style if often considered timeless with fashion at being more with the trends of the times. However, Kate Hudson sees the value in diversity. This allows people to find their own style and be unique from others. When people find their own unique look, then they will feel a little more confident. They will also be a little less with other people’s opinions. Kate Hudson herself enjoys this benefit from finding one’s own style.

Kate Hudson has seen a lack of variety when it comes to athletic clothing. Therefore, she has partnered with a few others including Don Ressler in order to start up a line of clothing called Fabletics. Fabletics offers a rare style of athletic clothing called “athleisure“. These are the types of clothes that you can ware to a work out as well as a night out in town. These types of clothes have different styles and fits that are more flattering to the body. Women will find even greater enjoyment in the types of clothes that they can choose from their latest big push to open stores.

Kate Hudson has helped with something that is very exciting for people. She is proud of the different cuts that she has made possible for consumers. When people wear these clothes, they will not only feel that they look better, but Fabletics will also perform better with the flexibility that the clothing offers. Other women will wonder where she got this unique type of clothing. However, she is ultimately going to feel very beautiful while working out in the gym. Kate Hudson is one of the people that believe that one can feel beautiful while working out.

Kate Hudson has gained a lot of attention with Instagram’s Fabletics clothing clothing that she has went on interviews with publications such as MarieClaire Magazine. She has talked about her clothes and put a lot of emphasis. She has made it clear that people do not have to be uncomfortable in order to look good. Fabletics makes it possible for people to enjoy both. They can walk out into town with clothes that make them feel confident in their looks without any side effects that typically come with formal wear. Kate herself has shown that she can be comfortable in great looking clothes.