Month: July 2016

Answers to Common Questions Regarding the SEC Whistleblower Program

Introduced through the 2010 Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act, the SEC Whistleblower Program has revolutionized the fight against securities violations. The program has unlocked the ability to report violations from any part of the world and whistle-blowers are secured from unnecessary threats. More specifications have been included in the program, thereby enhancing the reporting capabilities of whistleblowers.

Since its establishment, more cases of securities violations have been forwarded and companies have become more aware of the fact that acting as required by the law is mandatory. To further understand what the SEC Whistleblower program represents, here are answers to questions raised by many people.

Who is a whistleblower and is there criteria under the program?
Under the SEC Whistleblower Program, any individual or group who forwards information to the SEC about violations of securities laws, is referred to as a whistleblower. While most whistleblowers are employees of certain entities, anyone with the capacity to provide factual and verifiable information is welcomed to share details with the SEC about any violations of securities laws. This goes beyond citizenship as the new program allows international submissions.

Must whistleblowers reveal their identity publicly when reporting?
Before the introduction of the 2010 Dodd-Frank amendment, people with useful information about violations would fail to report simply because they feared falling victims of victimization. This is no longer a threat since the SEC Whistleblower Program is designed to protect whistleblowers while fighting securities violations. The program introduced anonymous reporting, which is a big achievement that has opened the doors of reporting for whistleblowers and allowed them to enjoy maximum security while at it.

Are there employment protections for employees who report violations?
Indeed, most employers retaliate when their employees report about securities violations. Today, this is no longer a threat to employees since it is a criminal offense to threaten, sue, demote or act in a demeaning manner to an employee who reports about securities violations. If an employer tries to retaliate and this is confirmed, the employee may sue the employer and will be served free legal representation courtesy of the SEC.

What monetary rewards are whistleblowers paid?
To motivate whistleblowers, the SEC has also introduced a rewards system. Initially, whistleblowers would be paid between 10 and 30 percent of the sanction amount received from the company in question, but from 17th May, 2016, the SEC is issuing upwards of 5$ to $6 million depending on the relevance of the information submitted.

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What Readers Learned from Kate Hudson as She Discussed Fabletics

Everybody has heard of the popular workout line, even Wikipedia covered it, but few people really understand the genius behind it. Far more than a clothing brand, this line was started by Kate Hudson as a means to improve the self-esteem of any woman who wears the stellar leggings, tanks, and swimsuits. Of course, you might be wondering how workout gear improves confidence, but to better understand that, you have to understand Kate Hudson. In an interview with Elle Magazine, the actress and fitness buff provided a glimpse into the world of the daughter of Goldie Hawn.

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The History That Started Fabletics…

Continuously Remaining Active

Aside from the stellar dance moves that Hudson demonstrates on the hit television show, Glee, the actress has always had an impressive athletic history and a general appreciation for remaining active. Pilates, running, and working with a trainer are just a few things Hudson grew up doing–though she disproves of having to actually get up and do it, she jokes. Source:

A Disdain for Industry Fads

Did you know that the blonde haired beauty actually hates when people tell others what to do? She actually made a statement that working out is fairly difficult and totally dependent on a person’s body type, so for the media to tell someone what they need to do to lose weight is pretty disheartening for those who try their best. In fact, Hudson’s most hated diet myth is that cleansing makes you lose weight the fastest.

The Want for Affordable Attire

The Fabletics spokeswomen truly detests how expensive quality workout gear is, and ultimately describes it as the reason so many women are turned off from working out. As she expressed her wish that leggings could be practical enough for the gym, but easy enough to throw boots over and head out, Hudson’s mind began scheming. Thankfully, it sparked the whole reason for Fabletics.

Snacking Is Okay

In the interview with Elle, Hudson actually asked for permission to munch on some popcorn. This further validated her belief that starving yourself does not contribute to a healthy lifestyle, and that everything in moderation is more than excellent for the woman who loves coconut frozen yogurt.

All of these factors went into the quality fabrics, patterns, and pieces seen in the Fabletics line. Miss Hudson’s genuine want for women to appreciate being mobile by enticing them into looking good is the reason Fabletics is so successful and will remain prominent in the fashion industry for a long time.