Month: June 2016

The Life and Career of Stephen Murray

Before his death on March 12, 2015, Stephen P. Murray proved himself to be a stand out in his field. Over the course of his career, Murray consistently moved up the ranks of first Chase Manhatten and later JP Morgan Chase, until he ultimately co-founded CCMP Capital, where he served as CEO from 2006 until shortly before his death in 2015.

Born on August 2, 1962, Stephen Murray was born and raised in Westchester County, New York. He attended Boston College and recieved a Bachelor of Arts degree, and went on to receive a Masters in Business Administration from Columbia University in New York.

He began his career in the financial industry when he was hired at Hanover Trust Co. in 1984. In his time at Hanover, Murray rose to become a vice president of middle-market lending.

In the year 2000, and several mergers later, Manufacturers Hanover becacam a part of JPMorgan. At this time, Murray was a part of an equity and leveraged-finance unit which was a predecessor to CCMP. Murray was named head of this unit in 2005, and would later spin-off to co-found the now independant CCMP.

Around 2014, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital became its own independent entity. The reasons for this move were based around JPMorgan’s desire to not be seen to be giving preference to an in-house firm, which had been alleged before the separation.

In addition to his distinguished career, Stephen Murray also proved himself to be a generous philanthropist. Over the course of his life, he supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, the Stamford Museum, and the Colombia Business School.

He also served as the vice chairman of the board of trustees and Boston College, and was a member of the chairman’s council of the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Metro New York.

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Stephen P. Murray spent his life in the financial industry and showed himself to be a more than capable businessman. But in addition to that he also showed that he cared about those around him. His charitable life, as well as his family life, show a man who was interested in more than just business, and that is part of his legacy as well.

Bustle Beauty Writer Goes No-Lather for 7-Day WEN Challenge

Most of us never read the ingredients on the back of our shampoo and conditioner bottles, but if we did, we might just freak out. Sulfates are the harsh detergents that give shampoos their big lather, and while that might feel good, sulfates weaken and damage the hair shaft.
That’s why Chaz Dean has changed the way we look at hair care and revolutionized the no-lather concept for the entire world. His unique cleansing conditioners are made of effective, natural botanical ingredients, and best of all, his Wen system is sulfate-free.

Chaz Dean is a popular west coast stylist who knew there was a better way to deliver natural strength and shine to every hair type, so he developed the WEN system.  He sells his products on Ebay. You can use a lot of WEN product to cleanse your hair, because his method is so different from regular shampoos. beauty writer and YouTube blogger Emily McClure was intrigued by WEN, hoping it could boost her fine, frizzy locks, so she embarked on a personal 7-day WEN hair challenge.

Emily decided to post hair selfies to chart her progress and wash her hair with WEN each morning. The error Emily made was in the amount of product for her medium length hair, skimping on the WEN. Emily freaked out when instructions advised using 16-24 pumps of product and decided on 10 pumps, the minimum for short hair.

Still, Emily noticed lots of volume in the shower, and when she blow-dried and styled her locks, her selfies showed shiny, healthy, great-looking tresses.

Everything was going well, until Emily disturbed the daily WEN washes. Her hair fell flat and greasy if she skipped a wash one day or switched the time to evening washes.

Emily says that if you follow a daily WEN routine, then your results will be fab.

Results are posted on


Dick DeVos Continues His Devotion To Charitable Giving

The Kennedy Center for the Arts has a number of wealthy patrons, but I have been impressed by the continued support the center has received from Grand Rapids, Michigan based philanthropist Dick DeVos. I have followed the work and life of DeVos since his days as the head of the Orlando Magic NBA team and his later work with the DeVos family owned AmWay Group; the dedication Dick DeVos has shown to using the wealth he has gained as a successful businessperson is often shown through the work of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation that I admire immensely. Dick DeVos may be best known to most of us as the head of the AmWay group, but his work in the field of education should be honored, in my opinion. Dick and Betsy DeVos have been consistent supporters of the use of charter schools that allow students the chance to specialize in areas they find entertaining, which includes the aviation based school opened in Michigan that provides a unique education experience for young people.

The Kennedy Center for the Arts has always been a major part of the philanthropic giving of Dick DeVos, which sees an arts management center named for the well known donor to the Republican party in the U.S. DeVos has now joined a group of donors to develop the river front area of the center that will become an intergral part of the education and rehearsal process for those who use the center. In an article from BizJournals I discovered DeVos is one of the donors who have worked with the Kennedy Center as the charitable group sought to raise $125 million to build a new river pavilion and link it to the center itself with a newly constructed bridge to connect it to the main campus. I was amazed to discover the charitable giving of Dick DeVos and other donors had already managed to raise over $130 million and allowed the center to increase its commitment to higher levels of educational programming that will benefit from an increase on the goal of the fund by a further $50 million.