Month: May 2016

George Soros Is Betting On Gold Mines And He Is Not The Only One

George Soros, the legendary hedge fund investor, and billionaire is no dummy when it comes to economic trends. Soros holds a degree from the London School of Economics, and he is one of the wealthiest people in the world thanks to his knowledge of economics and investing. It’s no secret that the U.S. stock market is flat-lining in 2016. The market got off to the worst start in recent history in 2016 and investors are still selling stocks and investing in other assets to protect their money. George Soros, the man that predicted that the pound sterling would have to be depreciated against the dollar and the German mark in 1992, is placing a similar bet against the Chinese yuan this year, but he is also betting on gold instead of the stock market.

According to an article published by, Soros recently sold more than 37 percent of his stocks and invested $241 million in Barrick Gold. Barrick is the largest gold miner in the world and gold mining is on fire this year. Gold mining stocks are the rage right now. reports that 17 of the 29 gold mines that have a market valuation of more than $200 million have doubled in value in 2016. The reason for the increase is simple. Economic uncertainty is the main reason, but shrinking operating costs and the fact that central banks are buying more gold are helping gold as well.
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The other issue is the economic disaster that is in the works in China. Soros has been warning the world that China is going to throw the rest of the world into a 2008 type recession for the last four years, and it is finally happening. quoted Soros when he said China was in for a hard landing, and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it. The Chinese banks are overloaded with bad debts, and the government is burning through capital reserves at an unprecedented rate to keep them solvent. George Soros believes that China will have to devalue their currency by at least 30 percent over the next three years, and he is betting millions on that prediction.

The gold investment by the Soros hedge fund, which only has one investor, George Soros, signals that Soros expects the recession to hit the United States by the end of 2016. In the first quarter of 2016, the U.S. GDP only grew by 0.5 percent, and that is very weak by anyone’s standards. And it’s not just the energy sector that is impacting the GDP. The consumer market which accounts for more than 70 percent of the economy is not performing as expected.

Looking into the George Soros crystal investment ball is always fascinating, and it’s always a good idea to follow what that Soros crystal ball is saying.

Marc Sparks’ Book Gives Business Advice

In the book They Can’t Eat You. Marc Sparks well tell you how a high school graduate with a C plus average was able to be a serial entrepreneur who started, ran, and sold several successful companies.

Sparks path to success did not follow the typical high school to college to start in the mail room and work your way up formula. When Sparks lost everything he was able to re-tool and fight his way back to the top – Mark Sparks – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In They Can’t Eat You Sparks (this book is available at GoodReads and Amazon) tells his story, and also offers “Fifty Sparks” advice that you can use to find your own path to success. In his unorthodox approach, Sparks lays out a path on which you can launch your next venture.

Sparks has been credited with over sixty startups, even though he never went to college. Through his tenacious determination he uncovered a way of making businesses succeed. Sparks current portfolio includes six companies. He also has an onboarding of a new company every year.

Marc Sparks serves as Chairman, CEO, and Director of Unistar Service Corp. He has founded, owned, and operated several insurance related corporations. He has a great amount of experience in the insurance and insurance bonding fields.

For several recent years Sparks has owned and managed casualty and property insurance companies, and a surety bonding agency.
Sparks book, They Can’t Eat You. is available as an Amazon Kindle ebook. It was published on September 14, 2014. It’s current Amazon Best Sellers rank is 709,322. It is ranked 1,326 in the Motivation and Se;f-Improvement category.

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Beneful Understands the Importance of Protein

No matter the age, size, breed or genetics of the dog, there is simply no denying that protein is a critical part of a healthy dog food diet. Beneful is one of the leading pet food companies in the industry that truly understands this and has done an excellent job of incorporating it into its dog food varieties. One of the ways that Beneful sets itself apart from other pet food producers is that its recipes are specifically formulated to address the unique nutrition needs of particular dogs. Beneful understands that different dogs of varying sizes, ages and breeds required different amounts and types of protein sources. For this reason, Beneful has expanded to offerings on WalMart stores to eight different types of dry food varieties with different sources of protein and relative protein content. Beneful is also available online on

If you have a puppy, then the Beneful Dry Food Healthy Puppy option is right for you. This formula is made with real chicken to offer growing puppies the right amount of lean protein to keep them active and growing. Also, Beneful makes a Dry Food Healthy Weight formula that uses real chicken to make sure that your dog is not consuming too many calories while getting all of its required nutrients and vitamins to stay active and strong throughout their adult life. The Beneful Dry Food Playful Life option incorporates real beef and eggs as its primary sources of protein. This is a great option for active dogs who expend a lot of energy during the day and need a dog food that replenishes and rejuvenates them to stay healthy. Beneful also make treats ( ) and snacks for dogs.

While it is important that your dog receives enough protein in its daily meals, it is equally important to be aware of the source of the protein. Not all dog food recipes are created equal, and this mainly has to do with how they source their protein. You can always depend on Beneful to provide nutritious and lean sources of protein, including real beef, eggs, chicken and salmon. What you will not find in Beneful recipes is high amounts of filler or processed ingredients without real nutritional value.

FreedomPop Latches on to WhatsApp.

For the better part of the last five years we have seen FreedomPop rise from a relatively unknown company in Los Angeles to one of the global leaders in MVNO offerings. FreedomPop has turned the mobile cell plan world on its head with its revolutionary concept: offer your customers essential free services like talk, text, and mobile data and then bank on making it back via optional add on services. With such a risky, but successful, premise it only makes sense that the MVNO is reaching out even further to grab onto another popular aspect: WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and it is one of the largest programs on the internet with billions of users all communicating via the software. WhatsApp has long been looking for a partner in the mobile phone world in order to get in on the ever popular messaging industry that is coming from our very own pockets. Withotu even saying another word it is pretty obvious that FreedomPop and WhatsApp is a great fit, right, and according to VentureBeat this is the truth. Instead of approaching WhatsApp for a partnership we have seen FreedomPop decided to take on the messaging service of their own volition. There is no real partnership with facebook or WhatsApp.

FreedomPop has steadily been expanding their MVNO empire all across the world with launches in Asia and Europe over the past year or so. Now we are seeing CEO Stephen Stokols become more aggressive with how he plans to expand his company saying, “FreedomPop is the first carrier to embrace WhatsApp organically.” Stokols goes on to say that the company is focused on “disrupting local markets” with their fundamentally free service, thus gaining traction and popularity in new areas. Spain appears to be next up on the list of markets for FreedomPop to approach.

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