The Refugee Crisis Is Solvable According To Billionaire George Soros

The conflicts in Middle East are changing the face of the world. Millions of people are leaving their homelands in search of peace and freedom. The search for peace and freedom is creating issues for European countries on that fear change and most of all fear the beliefs that don’t conform to their deeply rooted beliefs about religion and nationalism. The European Union is falling apart because of the refugee crisis, and EU leaders are panicking because they don’t have a clear-cut solution for the influx of people that are crossing their open borders. Many, if not all, of those borders, are closed now, and that goes against one of the basic principles of the EU, according to billionaire and humanitarian George Soros.

George Soros knows a lot about being a refugee. He escaped Hungary because of Nazi occupation during the 1940s. Soros was one of the fortunate few that escaped and was able to start a new life in Europe. Mr. George Soros was accepted and study at the London School of Economics before coming to the United States. He became a professional investors and Soros has made billions because he understands economics and psychology. Soros has established several foundations in countries that don’t accept the open society principle. Those foundations are helping people cope with governments on that don’t accept human rights. The migration crisis is a good example of an unacceptance of human rights.

Talking about the refugee crisis doesn’t solve the issue, according to George Soros. According to a article, George Soros does have a solution. Soros believes that spending enough money at the outset would give the European Union the ability to manage the serious consequences that develop from the crisis. One of those consequences is the strong anti-immigrant mentality that has developed in most member states. In the article, Mr. Soros said most of the building blocks for an effective system to control the migration process are in place. The EU need to take those building blocks and form a coherent and comprehensive plan that makes the refugees and the countries that house them work for the overall good that will develop from giving them enough financial support. The funds should be used to find work, housing, and to send refugee children to school.

Mr. Soros also said that there should target in mind when it comes to the number of refugees that arrive in the European Union. Soros suggests between 300,000 to 500,000 a year. That number is manageable for most European governments even though there are strong political feelings about allowing any refugees into certain EU member states.


In order to make the plan work, the EU would need to allocate $34 billion to execute an effective asylum plan. The EU would have to provide funding for Turkey and other countries that could maintain a large refugee population. The EU could create an asylum agency and a security force for their borders that respects the human rights and the dignity of the refugees.