Month: April 2016

Venezuela’s Path Through the Drought: Energy Saving

Venezuela is a country that runs primarily on hydroelectric power, as of the last recorded date of 2008, it fulfills approximately 73% of the country’s electrical needs. Unfortunately, the budding nation finds itself needing to institute a variety of policies to handle the worst drought since 1969, which is currently going on the third year, severely damaging their production capabilities.
President Nicolás Maduro recently announced a new plan would be put in place over the next two months in order to preserve and ration the diminishing electrical supply, and try to get the country through the tough times it faces ahead. The primary points of this plan is the institution of the three day weekends and requests to local business and corporations to cut their power consumption upwards of 20%. Additionally, he is asking for larger business such as shopping malls and hotels to generate their own electricity for nine hours of the day. This goes along with the already present issue of raw materials which has been forcing the Venezuelan heavy industry to function at a 50% to 60% capacity as it stands.

While this will certainly be quite the difficult time says Danilo Diaz,  “positive efforts are being made and changes are being implemented from the government to help all of the people through this drought” according to an information posted on his facebook page. Ideally, Venezuela should hope to see itself up on the list of eco-friendly economies in the coming years.

The Refugee Crisis Is Solvable According To Billionaire George Soros

The conflicts in Middle East are changing the face of the world. Millions of people are leaving their homelands in search of peace and freedom. The search for peace and freedom is creating issues for European countries on that fear change and most of all fear the beliefs that don’t conform to their deeply rooted beliefs about religion and nationalism. The European Union is falling apart because of the refugee crisis, and EU leaders are panicking because they don’t have a clear-cut solution for the influx of people that are crossing their open borders. Many, if not all, of those borders, are closed now, and that goes against one of the basic principles of the EU, according to billionaire and humanitarian George Soros.

George Soros knows a lot about being a refugee. He escaped Hungary because of Nazi occupation during the 1940s. Soros was one of the fortunate few that escaped and was able to start a new life in Europe. Mr. George Soros was accepted and study at the London School of Economics before coming to the United States. He became a professional investors and Soros has made billions because he understands economics and psychology. Soros has established several foundations in countries that don’t accept the open society principle. Those foundations are helping people cope with governments on that don’t accept human rights. The migration crisis is a good example of an unacceptance of human rights.

Talking about the refugee crisis doesn’t solve the issue, according to George Soros. According to a article, George Soros does have a solution. Soros believes that spending enough money at the outset would give the European Union the ability to manage the serious consequences that develop from the crisis. One of those consequences is the strong anti-immigrant mentality that has developed in most member states. In the article, Mr. Soros said most of the building blocks for an effective system to control the migration process are in place. The EU need to take those building blocks and form a coherent and comprehensive plan that makes the refugees and the countries that house them work for the overall good that will develop from giving them enough financial support. The funds should be used to find work, housing, and to send refugee children to school.

Mr. Soros also said that there should target in mind when it comes to the number of refugees that arrive in the European Union. Soros suggests between 300,000 to 500,000 a year. That number is manageable for most European governments even though there are strong political feelings about allowing any refugees into certain EU member states.


In order to make the plan work, the EU would need to allocate $34 billion to execute an effective asylum plan. The EU would have to provide funding for Turkey and other countries that could maintain a large refugee population. The EU could create an asylum agency and a security force for their borders that respects the human rights and the dignity of the refugees.

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Antique Arms Expert Michael Zomber

Antiques are objects that have held a great deal of fascination for many people over the years. People love to collect antiques of all kinds. They also love to see objects that have been admired for a long time. This is particularly true of Japanese culture. Japanese culture has an intense admiration for such objects. One person who knows this well is Japanese antique expert Michael Zomber. Zomber has spend many years working within this world and learning as much as he can about antique armor of all kinds. He knows that Japanese craftsmen love to create object that incorporate all kinds of details that widely admired.

His Many Years of Study

Zomber has become an expert in this field by studying it in great depth. He knows that many people look to him for help in discovering the world of ancient Japan. This is why he continues to study the kind of objects that were made by Japanese craftsmen. He wants to continue to learn as much as possible about how such objects were made. So many of his clients have found that he is happy to help them explore this world and learn why a given object might be value or helpful to them. They know that he brings years of experience to the table that is vital for those in search of the ideal piece for their collection of Japanese antiques or an honest appraisal of any pieces they happen to have in their collections already. They also know that Zomber will help them figure out what kind of new pieces that might be on the market at any given moment and ideal for their specific needs.

Continued Interest in This Field

In an effort not to rest on his laurels, Zomber continues to learn as much as he can about the world of the Samurai and that of Japanese armor. He knows that his clients count on him to provide them with excellent advice grounded in factual evidence and knowledge. They can get help from him that is ideal for any specific question they might have about this era and the kind of crafts that were in use during this time. He wants to explore this world as much as he can in order to help provide assistance for his clients. Japanese culture is one that feels at home in and wants to continue learning about.  Find Zomber’s entire collection of books on his Amazon author page.

CCMP Capital Advisors L.P. Adds Shoes For Crews to its Investment Management Portfolios

CCMP Capital Advisors announced on October 27th, 2015 the acquisition closing of Shoes For Crews, an international footwear company. CCMP acquired controlling interest of the company and in December 2015, named Stuart Jenkins as the President, Chief Innovative Officer and Chief Executive Officer. The firm’s investment management portfolios continue to expand after the death of former CEO, Stephen Murray. While Mr. Murray was actively involved, the hedge fund management firm acquired companies, including Newark Energy, Pure Gym, and Aramark, to name a few. Founders of CCMP, including the former CEO have invested more than $15 billion in transactions to buyout companies with potential growth.

According to Bloomberg News, Stuart Jenkins officially became the president, CEO, and CIO of Shoes For Crews on January 25th, 2016. He was also nominated and accepted the position as a member of the company’s board of directors. Jenkins enters the company with experience in production and manufacturing processes of footwear; development of new materials; licensing of technologies; and acquisition branding. His experience was obtained working for Deckers Outdoor Corporation, Skydex Technologies, Energy Shoe Company, and IMG Technologies & Sports Marketing Services. Shoes For Crews is located in Palm Beach, Florida, where Jenkins will oversee operations and assist with growth accomplishments.

With nearly 29 years of experience working with known companies, Stuart Jenkins possesses 12 patents for inventing new technologies. He is the perfect fit for the positions presently held for Stephen Murray CCMP Capital Advisors, L.P. His knowledge in the footwear industry allows him to fulfill the mission of the firm to assist with the company’s growth. Shoes For Crews has the opportunity to continue contributing to economic growth pertaining to jobs in communities around the world. If it wasn’t for pioneers of investment management firms, many companies wouldn’t have a chance of survival without the financial support of CCMP and co-founders.

Death of Stephen Murray made it to the NY Post news, memories of him will forever live in the hearts of entrepreneurs, investment managers, and most of all, his family members. His life will always be celebrated for creating one of the most recognized investment firms in the nation. Mr. Murray is forever living in the hearts of his wife, Mrs. Tami Murray and children, James, Nolan, Ryan, and Sean. He is greatly missed by the investment managers of CCMP Capital Advisors and companies acquired by the firm.

In 2014, CCMP Capital Investors III, L.P. was closed at $3.6 billion in capital to transform the operations of companies in energy, healthcare and retail industries. CCMP Capital Advisors are known worldwide for raising capital and receiving substantial investment returns of its portfolio companies. Stuart Jenkins was selected by the firm to transform Shoes For Crews into a profitable distributor and manufacturer of slip resistant footwear. Jenkins years of expertise in the shoe industry will assist with the expansion of the company.