Month: March 2016

The Dogs Day With Premier Dog Food

Beneful is a taste that dogs love and really do enjoy. It is marketed not only for taste but for the health benefits to your animals. Nestle Purina Petcare makes this product. It comes in wet, dry and also dog treats. In 2011 it became the fourth popular brand, making more than $1.5 billion. It is said to be one of Nestle’s biggest seller since it was introduced in 2001.

The company says that Beneful means full of goodness. In 2001 Nestle spent thirty four million dollars to introduce the product. It was one of the most costly advertisement to date. This gamble paid off handsomely because by 2006 they made three hundred million. The company also spent another thirty six million to upgrade the St. Joseph, Missouri factory, this move has allowed then to make more wet food.

The Nestle Purina Beneful is one of the companies that is competing for a spot in the twenty four billion dollar pet food industry. Here you would find them blending lamb and salmon, making organic products just to keep you and your best friend interested. Companies like Freshpet and Buffalo Co, seems to be way ahead of the game. Freshpet makes food that you will have to keep in the refrigerator.This move says “treat your pet like a human”.

Some companies are also making pet food that help them lose weight. Also, Nestle’s Purina company made a website where one can go and conjure up blends that think their pets would love. Over at Nutro Farms they are saying that picking fruits at just the right time, then freeze drying them helps to seal in freshness. As companies come up with ways to tantalize your dogs palette, they conflicts will continue to rage on the pet food home front, that is.

Some companies are buying out others, forming a stronger bond. Purina acquired Merrick Pet care. A company which makes organic dry and wet dog food. Beneful also makes a product for older dogs marketed as Brights Minds,it aids in digestion. With all the different products that the companies have to offer, you can be certain that there will be something that your best friend will definitely find enjoyable.


High End Pet Food Brands


Pet foods are becoming more sophisticated and healthy for dogs and cats. Pet owners are now demanding that their four-legged friends get the best quality food possible. They want their pets to enjoy the same healthy and tasty benefits of nutritious food that is available to them. The demand for high end pet foods is in high demand and pet owners are willing to pay for them.

Some of the newest editions to the pet food market includes high end brands such as Colgate-Palmolive which is designed to help pets to lose weight. Nestle Purinastore provides consumers with pets the ability to create customizable pet food blends that are catered exclusively to a person’s cat or dog. Mars Petcare offers farm-to-table trends which includes ingredients such as cranberries and blueberries. Mars Cesar Home Delights offers lasagna for dogs. This is a highly unusual meal for a K-9 but companies are starting to produce products such as these.

Beneful dog food brands are manufactured by Purina. This particular blend of dog food is offered in dry, wet and treat varieties. The dry brand is made out of wholesome ingredients such as chicken, beef and eggs. These ingredients are baked into the kibble to load them up with nutrition and delicious flavor. The wet dog food line from Beneful contains fresh vegetables and grains such as carrots, tomatoes and wild rice. Beneful even offers a brown rice and sweet potato recipe that is a big hit with dogs as well.

Beneful dog treats are also designed to benefit dogs with unique flavors and health perks. Some of the dog treats can help to improve a pet’s smile and many of them provide pets with savory and scrumptious seasoning that dogs will love. Food such as cheese, bacon and apple filling helps to give doggie treats a different twist than ordinary pet food. Beneful and other name brand pet foods are all available in the high end pet food market and many dogs love these designer victuals.