How Sweetgreen Is Changing Fast Food

A Menu For Our Health

The popular image of fast food portrays the typical fast food meal as a greasy salty mess. Entrepreneur Nathaniel Ru wants to do away with that popular image and offer customers something more wholesome to enjoy. Focused firmly on healthy green food, Sweetgreen is a fast food chain specializing in salads. Although there are precedents to healthful options in fast food, Sweetgreen stands as a rare example of a startup going all in for health.



The Millennial Age Is Here

The idea to create a restaurant focused solely on providing healthy food is a risky one, but it reflects the Millennial spirit Nathaniel Ru so strongly believes in. Millennials want the convenience of fast food, but they don’t want the calories and regret that often characterize it. Additionally, Millennials are a socially conscious generation with a strong belief in civic participation. To express this value Sweetgreen uses the Sweetlife music festival to give customers a chance to enjoy their favorite music and take up important causes. Sometimes, giving a hand to others in need is good for business.



Technology Is Our Friend

The Millennial demographic Nathaniel Ru is targeting has grown up with technology and considers it an important part of their lives. When they want fast food they have a completely different image of what fast means. Recently restaurants have started implementing ways for customers to pay for food with their phones. Sweetgreen is no exception to that trend and customers are able to order anything they want through the restaurant’s official app. In fact, more than 30% of all orders are placed through the Sweetgreen app. This company truly reflects the spirit of our times and reflects where America is headed.



A Mission To Achieve

While Sweetgreen is an amazing success financially, Ru did not create Sweetgreen simply to make himself rich. Currently, our country is facing a serious health epidemic. High fructose corn syrup and salt are leading our nation down the wrong path. Nathaniel Ru wants to change the way we eat by changing the way we think of fast food. If people can realize health options as fast food, there is hope to change things. It may start with this salad franchise, but the potential goes well beyond him. Nathaniel Ru is starting a big revolution in the world of fast food.


Jason Hope, The Internet Of Things, And The Importance Of Progress

The internet has become such an important part of our everyday lives that it is hard to imagine a time when it wasn’t so hugely influential. To many experts, that influence has been a little negative. That said, true futurists and skilled entrepreneurs are hoping to tap into the internet’s success and expand it in positive ways.

One of these people is Jason Hope and he is hoping that the the internet of things will become an important and viable concept in the future. Understanding these concepts can help you get a better grasp on the way that the internet is changing for the better.

How Is Jason Hope?

Jason Hope is a well known businessman and entrepreneur who was born in, raised, and educated in his beloved home state of Arizona. While getting his MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business, he developed an overriding interest in technology and the ways that it could help change the world.

He considers himself a “futurist” and is known as a philanthropist that is looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of technology throughout the world. Futurists are people who are looking to improve our future by creating new technologies that improve the way we live.

Jason Hope has been a regular contributor to the online periodical “The Internet Of Things,” a futurist magazine that looks to understand the future of technology and the impact that the internet will have on the world. It is heavily focused on the concept of “the internet of things” and its importance on the future. But just what does this term mean?

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What Is The Internet Of Things

The term “internet of things” was originally created by Kevin Ashton and designates the idea of pervasive computing or ambient intelligence. The idea here is to take the world of computing and online data and transform it into concepts that can be better understood by the average populace.

A constantly flow of data is crucial here, including transfer between body area networks, local area networks, and wide area networks. Jason Hope has invested much of his time and money into this concept, particularly in the development of new ways to integrate information quickly and efficiently into the cloud. For example, he is very interested in Google Glass and Lens products.

The idea behind these products is to bring the internet to a person every moment of their life and to ensure they never leave the cloud. To some this might seem scary, but to others it’s a powerful way to stay abreast of the latest trends in the internet and to never lose contact with important business partners. In a way, the internet of things is akin to a form of constant and constantly-updated communication.

Final Thoughts

Clearly the internet of things is an important concept that should be pushed forward as much as possible. Fully understanding it will help those with an interest in future technology master these technologies and help the world become a better place.

Click here to learn more about Jason Hope.


Zane Lighthouse’s New Online Reputation Management Software

Anybody who has spent a little bit of time navigating through the Internet knows how complicated it can be. For a rookie to attempt to use HTML can be daunting. But over the years, software has been developed that simplifies the process significantly. The same can now be said of online reputation management. As more companies are becoming aware of the importance of their online presence and how they are perceived, they realize that they cannot make any compromises in this area. That is why Zane Lighthouse is releasing software that will make the process smoother. The Internet has been abuzz about their features.

Text Your Customers, Asking For A Review

Consumers receive e-mails all of the time after making a purchase. Wise companies know how important it is to solicit a review. If a customer is happy with the product, she might be inclined to tell people that. But she will only write the review if she knows that it is an option. People are generally not likely to open an e-mail soliciting a review. They are far more likely to open a text message. Zane Lighthouse helps their businesses to connect with their customers by sending them text messages, which are far more likely to be read than e-mail. This will yield far more positive reviews.

A 45 Day Free Trial

There is an old concept known as buyer-beware. People take caution when they invest their money in a product or service because they know that it could be a risk. When a company is very confident in its’ product, it will attempt to communicate that confidence through a number of different methods. Zane Lighthouse has expressed this by offering a free trial to businesses for 45 days. When these businesses see the improvement in their online reputation and the expansion of their brand, they are likely to commit to a long-term business partnership.

Putting trust into a business can be intimidating. Zane Lighthouse does not ask for blind trust. They want business to have confidence based on the proven reliability of their service.



The Truth about Securus Technologies Lawsuit

Securus Technologies is an Information Technology company with its HQ’s in Atlanta, Georgia. Mid this year, on 7th June 2016 to be precise, GTL released a press release which is a bit misleading about Securus Technologies.


GTL had previously claimed that the 816 patent “PTAB” was validated and the court had given them, GTL, the go-ahead to seek injunctions and damages against Securus Technologies. The truth of the matter, however, is that the previous was unable to find the any of the relief they claim since the case had overstayed in the Texas federal court.


A closer look at the services offered by the Securus Technologies, I can ascertain that the company doesn’t practice the claimed fundamental security feature as disclosed by the single independent claim by the GTL. I am, therefore, not stormed by the fact that the PTAB did not determine whether the claims were patentable but merely concluded they wouldn’t review the claims.


Looking at earlier proceedings, the unlikelihood of the jury listening to evidence from either side this year or in a few months time as claimed by GTL is high. The jury, however, is expected to determine for itself whether Securus uses the methods declared by GTL. From what I know from Securus profile, I’m confident they don’t use the methods.


A closer look at GTL’s allegations, I couldn’t avoid noting that they were hoping they would be granted the permission t use their patented technologies on its video visitation platforms. The use of the “if granted” is clear evidence that even GTL is aware that there will be no facilities where any violation is occurring.


Unlike the claim by GTL about how Securus settles with industry competitors who use their patented technology without authority, Securus uses solves such disputes with intelligence and mutual financial arrangement and agreements with such companies.


You can visit Securus Technologies to learn more about their services.


Overview of Interview with Nathaniel Ru of Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen has been opening up its food stores in a number of strategic areas in various cities across the US. Its magic is the healthy food it offers that is both reasonably priced and tasty. The Sweetgreen salad is great as you do not go hungry after 45 minutes like the ordinary salads. Sweetgreen started off in 2007 in Washington, DC and has expanded to around 40 sites in California and New York with shops expected in Chicago and Boston. In an interview with Nathaniel Ru, Fortune understood how Sweetgreen sources for its food, its service design crafting and why people should eat more than just kales.



Clever Way of Picking its Locations


Ru stated that Sweetgreen’s sequencing and store openings timing is part of its huge real estate strategy. The way the company enters a market is important as the number of stores they open. The chain chooses areas that are free from the usual casual chains and areas where new media and tech companies are located. The chain has opened its stores in the hip and affluent neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Nolita and Tribeca. The chain goes beyond pure convenience as it targets not only the lunch traffic but also weekends and dinners.



Service Design and Source of Foods


Nathaniel Ru refers to Sweetgreen’s service design as a culmination of technology, storytelling and design. It elevates the simple selling of a product to a consistent and personalized service to every customer. Sweetgreen is a restaurant that customers can rely on when they are ordering via the app (30% of customers use this method) or in-store. Customers are able to see the open kitchen and Ru explains that when they see the ingredients and the process behind every meal is important to the chain as they do not have to explain how they do their salads. The ordering process is one-on-one and although it takes about 15 minutes, it is very accurate. Sweetgreen enquires from farmers on the available crops rather than requesting for a particular crop. This cuts down on waste and exposes the customers to a new veggie they would not have tried.



About Nathaniel Ru


Sweetgreen co-founder Nathaniel Ru graduated from Georgetown University with BS Finance in 2007 (McDonough School of Business). This was the year that the three co-founders started working on their idea to make it a business venture. They aimed at creating a casual and seasonal kitchen based on sustainability and local sourcing. The first branch was opened in Georgetown and the chain has so far grown to about 40 outlets.




Squaw Valley Is Cleaning Up After A Freak And Heavy Rainstorm

If skiing sounds like a good idea, Squaw Valley may be in your future. Squaw Valley is one of those iconic ski resorts that attracts celebrities, professional skiers, politicians, and world leaders. There are several reasons why Squaw Valley hasn’t lost its ski mojo after all these years. One reason is the location of the resort. The Lake Tahoe area is beautiful 12-months a year. Another reason is the privacy that Squaw Valley offers its guests. There are slope side lodges and secluded lodges for the lovers that want to ski. And, the reputation of the resort is first class. Squaw Valley hosted the 1960 Winter Olympic Games. The slopes and trails are named after some of the high-profile skiers that came to the resort in the old days and left their mark.

The truth is, Squaw Valley is a well managed, profitable, and well-financed operation that has the well-being and the safety of their guests in mind. CEO Andy Wirth is one of those people-lovers that understands what guests want. Wirth has an extensive background in the ski industry. He was the marketing director for the Steamboat Springs ski resort for several years, The Cushing family asked him to join Squaw Valley to oversee the expansion of the resort in 2010. Andy recently told the press it was the best decision of his life. Wirth is currently working on another major expansion that will benefit the ski resort as well as the Lake Tahoe community. See:

The last five years were not great years for the ski industry. The drought threw a dry monkey wrench in at least five ski years. In 2015, the ski industry made a comeback. The forecast for the 2016/2017 season was good, so Wirth and his staff started to plan early for a long and successful ski year. But nature didn’t cooperate, in October 2016. A freak and heavy rainstorm flooded four of the Squaw Valley wells. The wells are located in the upper mountain region of the resort. The staff did a routine water check when the rain stopped, and the test showed high levels of coliform and E. coli bacteria in the wells.

According to Squaw Valley Public Relations Director, Liesl Kenney, two drinking water systems in the Gold Coast and High Camp areas of the resort were shut down. The restaurants and bars in those areas were closed, but the guests had access to the other 50 restaurants and bars in the resort. Free bottled water was given to all the guests. None of the guests were exposed to the bacteria, so no one got sick.

Kenney said the Squaw Valley Public Service District and the Placer County Environmental Health Department were notified, and health safety experts were called in to assess the situation. A water cleanup program started immediately. According to the Sierra Sun, three of the four wells responded right away to the cleanup process. Three wells have low levels of the coliform bacteria and no E. coli. The two affected water systems will remain closed until all four wells are free of harmful bacteria, according to Liesl Kenney.

Recap of Wengies Ten Life Hacks

Wengie starts the video with her usual bubbly, charismatic personality and quirky humor. She is in her fabulous apartment, with good views of every room inside while she gives her advice. Rather than give life hacks with little application in the real world, Wengie gives solid advice that anyone can use.


The first life hack is how to make old jumpers look fresh again. I don’t want to give it away, but hint: it involves a razor! Then she goes on to explain how to easily remove keys from a key ring, without hurting your nails. You will wish you knew this sooner. Then, Wengie goes into a fabulous secret of how to not lose important items while in a rush to get out the door. It’s a very simple idea, but can work wonders.


The next few hacks involve a way to never procrastinate while doing your laundry, a simple idea for keeping trash bins tidy, and a method for keeping important papers crisp and fresh. Through each of these hacks, you will see plenty of Wengie’s cute kitten roaming around and sniffing the camera.


The 8th hack is a genius idea of how to keep the shower temperature consistent, without needing to adjust it every time. It is super simple and will make taking a bath so much easier. Finally, Wengie finishes up the video giving two fabulous life hack involving food. The first one will makes breakfast cereal much more delicious with a simple trick. And the last and final hack will make grocery shopping a blast!

Michael Zomber Is A Widely Recognized Published Author

There are many authors in the world. Some people have written novels that have received wide acclaim while other people have never been able to break through as a successful author. For people looking to make it as an author, what is the difference between a successful author and an author who never achieves public success?

There are many different reasons that can be pointed to related to success for authors, but one author who has provided people with information about being an author along with a variety of other topics is published author Michael Zomber. With several novels under his published credit, Mr. Zomber is a highly acclaimed author. He has amassed a large following of dedicated readers who are always pleased to see a new novel released by him.

Mr. Zomber has a passion for writing that gives him the energy and desire to write on a consistent basis over a long time period. He is very knowledgeable on many subjects and has a life that contains a mixture of many interesting areas. One area of Mr. Zomber’s life that he enjoys a lot is antique collecting. His particular interest concerning antique collecting usually involves antique weapons such as guns and swords.

With the knowledge and experience that he has amassed over the past 25 to 30 years regarding antique collecting, Mr. Zomber is asked to give information on antiques on many occasions. The History Channel is an organization that calls on Mr. Zomber on a regular basis to share his knowledge regarding antique weapons. The weapons he collects come from various time periods and some of the weapons have significant historical meaning.

Besides being an author and an antique collector of weapons, Mr. Zomber also owns and operates a production company with his wife. His production company produces films that focus on historical subjects that he feels the public would have an interest in viewing. Beyond films produced by his production company. Mr. Zomber contributes money to other films.

A man who has accomplished a lot in various areas of his life. Michael Zomber provides a wealth of information to the public in areas such as history, writing, and films. He continues to have passion for life and what life has to offer.

Showing More Dedication to Medical Professionals

Brian Torchin, President and CEO of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, is also a professional Chiropractor out of Philadelphia, PA. Brian’s interest in finding qualified medical professionals began during his many years of running his own medical office. He believes that all medical professionals, whether they are starting out, or starting over, should have access to the best resources available. He also knows the importance of having medical offices always fully, and properly, staffed.


Brian understands that students who want to work in the field of medicine face a lot of obstacles upon graduation. By working with a recruitment counselor at HCRC, these new professionals have the opportunity to learn about what jobs are available, and how to go about getting them. It is Brian’s belief that new graduates be given every resource possible so they can jump start their career.


One thing that Brian has learned in all of his years in the medical profession is that it takes time for doctors and nurses to find their “specialty”. Many medical professionals spend years going from job to job searching for what suits them best. Often times this leads to professional burn-out. Brian Torchin feels that, with the right counseling services, much of this stress can be averted.


Medical offices and hospitals cannot risk being understaffed. Brian has made it his mission to to help these offices find the right candidate to fill the openings immediately. HCRC maintains a relationship with a number of professionals who can fill needed roles right away. Brain knows how crucial it is that offices operate with a full and talented staff at all times.

After years of working in the medical field, and dealing with all of the staffing obstacles that go with it, Brian Torchin set out to improve it. As CEO of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, he is dedicated to helping medical professionals every step of the way.

InnovaCare, Inc- Changing the Face of Healthcare Through Effective Leadership

About the Company

InnovaCare is a health provider in managed healthcare services. The company offers physician practice services and Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico. Also, InnovaCare handles two major Medicaid schemes within the state’s Health Plan (GHP). The aim is to provide comprehensive medical coverage through coordinated care schemes.

InnovaCare Health is renowned for being the only company in Puerto Rico that has NCQA-accredited health plans. The firm’s commitment to its client and nation is to provide quality healthcare through the creation of sustainable models of managed care. Hence, InnovaCare offer cost-effective, coordinated, and innovative health care that is fully integrated with modern technologies. Since the company is a leading service provider in Medicare Advantage and Medicaid, it prides itself on having a strong leadership team lead by Richard Shinto.

Richard Shinto’s Profile

Shinto is the current CEO and President of InnovaCare in Puerto Rico. Before this appointment, he worked for Aveta Inc as President, CEO, and a member of the management team. Rick Shinto has over twenty years of operational healthcare and clinical experience in managed care. He worked for NAMM California as the Chief Medical Officer after leaving Medical Pathways Management Company as its Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

Between 1996 and 1997, Shinto worked for MedPartners as Corporate Vice President of Medical Management. He later left to join Cal Optima Health Plan as the Chief Medical Officer. Shinto started his career in Southern Carolina as a medical pulmonologist intern. Mr. Shinto has a B.S from the University of California, Irvine, a medical degree from the State University of New York, Stony Brook, and an M.B.A. from the University of Redlands. Shinto is also a writer who has written several books and articles on clinical medicine and healthcare.

Read more: Aveta Inc. President & CEO Rick Shinto, M.D. Receives Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® Award

Ms. Penelope Kokkinides

Also, at the helm of InnovaCare’s management is Ms. Penelope Kokkinides who works as the Chief Administrative Officer. She has vast experience in healthcare with a specialty in state programs and managed care industry. Kokkinides has a lot of expertise and knowledge in the development of clinical programs and management of healthcare processes and operations whose focus is on organizational infrastructure and improved efficiency.

Kokkinides has served in various executive positions. She was the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President at Centerlight HealthCare. Her responsibilities included strategic direction and management of managed care department. Also, she worked for Touchstone Health as the Chief Operating Officer and AmeriChoice as the Corporate Vice President dealing with Care Management and Disease Management. She was responsible for development and implementation of AmeriChoice’s health model.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health: